The Sneakiest Thing About Sneaky Pete Season One: Giovanni Ribisi Playing a 30-Year-Old

After our binge watching session of The Good Place, Jenny and I moved onto a more dramatic show available on Amazon. This one included the brilliant mind of Bryan Cranston and the droopy/sleepy face of Giovanni Ribisi. Entitled Sneaky Pete, this is a tense show that had Jenny pausing constantly to keep her heart from pounding out of her chest. It also gave us an excuse to get out of bed for a snack, too.

sneaky pete
“Okay Giovanni, smile. Wait never mind. Smile again!” – the photographer (Photo Courtesy of

I have a feeling they are hoping Sneaky Pete becomes the next Breaking Bad. It certainly has everything needed. Like Breaking Bad, the cast is relatively average-looking. I always liked that about Breaking Bad. Nobody on the show looked like they belonged on television. The most attractive cast member of the show was easily the pizza that got tossed on the roof.

breaking bad pizza
For as groundbreaking as it was, Breaking Bad offered very little sex appeal. Their biggest fans are asexual now. (Photo Courtesy of

Sneaky Pete is essentially a slow-moving crime thriller with an interesting plot. Ribisi’s character has “sneakily” stolen the identity of someone else. I won’t give away anything else because I do hope you check it out whenever you figure out your neighbor’s Amazon login.

Ribisi and his stretched face continues the tradition Breaking Bad began a decade ago. I must say though, for as easy as it is to pick on him, he’s a decent enough actor. There is one beef I do have with the show. How dare they try to pretend Giovanni Ribisi is 30-years-old!

In one scene, we see his character’s age. It’s either 29 or 30. Because he has changed identities with someone else (Nick Pappagiorgio of all people), I can’t remember which age. Regardless, his real age is one and his fake age is another. Both are wrong.

One look at Ribisi and it’s pretty clear he hasn’t seen a Happy 30th Birthday balloon at his office desk in a decade. The man has no youth left at all. Fans asking him to repeat lines from The Other Sister has drained him of all life. He basically looks like a more naturally grimy version of Johnny Depp. As we all know, Depp goes out of his way to look homeless.

giovanni ribisi
Giovanni Ribisi looks months away from developing liver spots. Okay, not really. But 30? Stop fooling with us. (Photo Courtesy of Variety)

In real life, Ribisi is 43. That’s a huge difference from his fake age on the show. Who are these writers trying to fool? Furthermore, what’s the point in lying about something so unimportant to the overall plot?

Season two of Sneaky Pete comes out on March 9. Jenny and I are excited for it. Hopefully, the season opens with an apology from the creators for this egregious error.


4 thoughts on “The Sneakiest Thing About Sneaky Pete Season One: Giovanni Ribisi Playing a 30-Year-Old

  1. Two of his “cousins” in the show are portrayed by actors who also some 40 years old. Strange, since their “grandmother” is barely 70, and they are meeting their grand-grandfather in season 3, who is still working as a car dealer.


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