Bees Binge Watch Session: The Good Place

On a recent Saturday, Jenny and I dug through the entire first season of a show on Netflix during our latest binge phase. We were looking for a sitcom to watch, hopeful it could replace others we have finished in the past. Unfortunately, we blazed through this one like it was a bag of Cheetos on a Friday night.

The show is called The Good Place. I heard about it on a YouTube video, the only place I apparently keep up to date with current trends.

the good place
Judging by the photo, this is an awkward dating show. (Photo Courtesy of

Starring Kristen Bell, best known for her roles in Veronica Cross-eyed, Forgetting Strabismus Marshall, and Frozen, this is a rare network show that doesn’t rely on a laugh-track. The single-camera feature is similar to other recent shows that I admire, like Community. It’s a little dark and funny at the same time without getting too pretentious like Modern Family did.

The plot is quite simple. The setting is “The Good Place” which is essentially heaven. However, Bell’s character doesn’t belong there. There was a mix-up at the time of her death. So, she has to fake her way through every day in order to prevent going to “The Bad Place.”

The cast also includes people you’ve never seen before, Ted Danson, and Ted Danson’s head. Have you seen that thing? Surely, it gets its own IMDB page and credit.

the good place cast
“Oh I’ve seen them before. Wait, never mind.” – everyone watching this show then searching online (Photo Courtesy of

The Good Place’s first season is currently available for streaming on Netflix. Though it’s not uproariously funny, it has its moments. This is a sitcom, after all. Plenty of jokes fall flat, but there are some pretty good moments along the way. Similar to the show Wilfred, another one I adore, it also teaches us some life lessons in a non-forceful way. Bell’s character learns how to become a more ethical, righteous human-being. The result is often comical.

I’ll definitely watch season two whenever it’s available on Netflix. Will I finally respond to one of those Fios junk mail letter I constantly receive? You better believe I won’t.

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