Can You Believe I Went to School for This?

A lot of years have passed since I was in any type of educational program. I’m old enough to fear teenagers but also old enough to make them scared of me but not quite old enough where they are assured they can beat me in a fight.

When I was in college, I studied television and radio. Two dying mediums, the only better degree I could have pursued would have been VCR repair and Latin.

I went to school at a pretty lousy time to pursue television and radio. Things changed a lot shortly after. Podcasts are a thing now! YouTube was barely alive and now it’s owned by Google; which at the time of my schooling, was only slightly better than Ask Jeeves.

Things have gone way down hill for butlers ever since Ask Jeeves passed away

Anyway, in all of the years after ending my schooling, I haven’t done much with my education. I’ve worked in a variety of industries and taken very little of the knowledge from hours of schooling to my career. TV and radio aren’t exactly the easiest to get into unless you enjoy making people coffee. I don’t.

Years later, I’ve made a very 2022 video for the new YouTube channel Jenny and I created for Practically Humans. Tell me what you think and if the thousands of dollars spent on my education was worth it.*

*It definitely wasn’t. We were still recording things on discs even as recently as around 2007. If there’s a lesson to learn here, go to school for something that never changes like mortuary studies. There’s no need to ever improve how to embalm a body because the clients have no ability to complaint. That’s my life lesson of the day.


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