Why Every Weekend Should Have A Holiday Near It

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving which gave me a rare day off from work. What did I do? The normal things. I visited my dad about an hour away. The night concluded with a few episodes of Wednesday on Netflix. We’ve already finished it. It was okay. Tim Burton really can’t come up with original ideas. He re-imagines things, doesn’t he? I’m still waiting on him to do a dark version of Casablanca. That movie stunk. It could use some eyeliner and weirdly shaped trees.

After Thanksgiving, I had more work to do. Real work on Friday. Household work on Saturday and Sunday.

Earlier this year, I made a list of 50 things I needed to accomplish with 100 days left in the year. We’re closing in on the end with one month left. I threw a Hail Mary pass this weekend and crossed a bunch of stuff off of my list. I credit the holiday.

I’m not saying I would vote for Donald Trump if he ran on a platform of more holiday weekends and more guns. I’m just suggesting I would understand the obsession with him a little more.

I’m not exactly sure what this photo is. It could be anything from a Middle Eastern dune to a close up of Donald Trump’s hair.

Let’s check out that list of mine. I’ll spare you the ones already crossed off.

6) Create everything I need for my true crime-style website/YouTube channel in order to give myself even more things for future to-do lists I haven’t created a YouTube channel yet but I did create the website which is good enough. How long does creating a YouTube channel even take? Producing content is the tough part. This is yet another argument in favor of us all quitting our jobs and doing nothing but make YouTube videos. Anyway, you can check out the site at PracticallyTrouble.com or by clicking on the link for those of you new to the internet.

7) Contact a handyman about the broken deck only to find a temporary solution because I don’t want to pay the price I contacted them and they said they’ll come out sometime this week. All handymen are flaky. These ones have showed up once before. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and egg their homes next week if I haven’t heard from them.

8) Reorganize the basement to make it less cluttered and attractive to spirits This is a constant battle, but I have been pretty good at regularly cleaning and decluttering the basement. I even moved things I don’t think we need somewhere else!

9) Maybe reorganize the attic if reorganizing the basement doesn’t break my spirit

10) Plan my next vacation and what I’ll actually do with some time off I’ve already taken my last vacation and now just need to scramble to take a few more days off before the end of the year. Vacation days are like penises. You lose it or lose it!

12) Hit my monthly writing quotas at all of the places I write I’m going to cross this off already. I did so well in November I had half a month free to do other things.

13) Figure out a useful way to use Two Bees in a Blog Occasional blogging counts.

15) Write a few scripts for Practically Humans videos to give Jenny and I an idea of what to talk about in the videos we make We actually have recorded a few. The editing is what takes time. Again, a plea to the president, a two-day work week would be marvelous.

16) Maybe see a doctor if time permits I have my annual check up scheduled for next year. Sorry, body. It’s all they had available.

17) Reorganize the kitchen the way I’ve been planning for months which involves throwing out expired foods and stocking up in case of an emergency This could be done better but the process began. I’m crossing it off. I need to make people think I’m actually accomplishing things.

18) Decide what I’ll tweet from the Practically Humans Twitter page to make it more than another password to remember The whole Elon Musk Twitter takeover has me less motivated than ever to be on that site. It’s nothing political. The site is just garbage so I only really use it to send out blog posts which I then retweet from my personal account.

19) Get rid of the ugly colored old paint in the basement

20) Sell a few things I don’t need anymore then be boring and invest the profits

21) Help Jenny get back on a better sleeping schedule She is actually on a much better sleeping pattern. I take all of the credit.

22) Go Christmas shopping

23) Plan how I’ll use the rest of my time off because last year I ended up taking unnecessary days off with nothing much to do with them I’ll find things to do. Believe me.

24) Start thinking about next year’s expenses and any big projects we may want to complete

25) Empty out my bedroom closet a little more and maybe add a shelf in there

26) Diet better or at least diet

28) Comment on more blog posts and YouTube videos where people are sharing useful information I gave up on doing this. I work enough. I need time to relax.

29) Strategize my creative endeavors more and how to make the most use of my time

30) Make an appointment with a notary because I have something they need to witness me signing She was Chinese.

32) Rodent proof certain areas of the home better because we don’t need Mickey moving in I crawled through all of the muck under the deck to shove steel wool into a few holes. I hope it works. Bring it on you bastards.

33) Clear the yard of leaves and sticks to make October and November a tiring month This is how I’ve spent every Saturday in November. Any leaves I missed can slowly rot away like a member of the Supreme Court.

35) Clean out the not-so-messy car and maybe vacuum a little too I even paid the $2 at the gas station to use one of their hoses.

37) Make macaroni and cheese because it expires in November One of them has expired. Who knows a food bank that takes expired food?

38) Gain a respectable number of Twitter followers for Practically Humans

39) Gain a respectable number of YouTube subscribers for Practically Humans

40) Reach my financial earning goals at the primary places I write for income

41) Fit yoga into my schedule more regularly or at all

42) Make any money at affiliate marketing because in all of my attempts I never have stuck with it long enough

43) Create more backlinks for Practically Humans since this is apparently important This can be improved. They’re out there though. It’s never ending.

44) Take advantage of the fall weather by going outside more The leaves made sure I was outside plenty in November.

45) Find a better place to keep our paper towels and toilet paper than in the hamper We’ve had this one solved for a while. I cleaned out the tops of our kitchen cabinets. The paper towels fit snug in one of the corners. The toilet papers remain hidden closer to the bathroom. I should reverse them. That’ll be fun.

46) Get an oil change for the car to prevent us from having to buy a new one anytime soon I think I got this done the day after I last updated this list. I’m still not convinced they actually do anything during an oil change.

47) Fill the carpenter bee holes in our wood fence only so the bees can come back next spring and create new ones

48) Move the wood on the side of the house somewhere else because it does nobody any good just sitting there This literally took about a minute and they’ve been sitting there since we moved in.

49) Clean up my home and work desktops of files nobody needs anymore

By my count, this leaves me with 14 things left to accomplish and 32 days left to do it. I’m on a good pace. That’s something every other day with some time at the end of the year to gloat about being the most productive person in the world.


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