Going Places is Way Better When Done in Private

Please stick out your tongue if you’re among us elite individuals who hate using public transportation.

Now don’t get me wrong–I wasn’t born with a silver spoon hanging off my drooling aristocratic mouth. I’ve used public transportation all my life. Still, as many of you may well know, just because you’re used to something doesn’t mean that you actually have to love that thing. Why do you think so many long-term relationships fail?

walking with friends
We’ve used this picture before, but I want to make a point that some relationships probably fail because your partner had been constantly checking out whoever your jogging buddy for the day is. What the flock, right?

Starting when I was little, I’ve used public transportation when going places. School buses are only for the rich kids in the Philippines. Us common people have to use jeepneys and other public vehicles to get to school (and that’s only for those who actually have the fare to use them). Even when I started working as an adult a.k.a. a bitter-er version of myself, I still have been a patron of public transportation because it’s just more affordable and I could still get to wherever I need to go without being in debt for purchasing a shiny car. Yes, it has to be shiny or nothing at all!

For years, Timmy had been using the trains to get to his job in New York City. Before I joined the miserable working force of NYC, I only have ridden on a train once in my life. Once I joined Timmy in his usual commute to work, I gained an understanding that I never had before when we were still in a long distance relationship: I experienced one of the causes of his anger and bitterness against humanity.

These were a couple of regulars from Timmy’s morning commutes before. I only ever saw the skateboard guy with the orange bag ( a lot of times). I wish I could have seen the other two instead of just listening to an amused description from my husband.

I’ve never seen a public vehicle more packed than the PATH train during rush hour in the afternoon after multiple delays. I don’t blame people who act more like animals than decent human beings in terms of aggression under those circumstances. Everybody just wanted to go home by that time that they’re willing to put up with stacking themselves like beans in a can, never mind the can being too tiny that they spill themselves over to each other. Each person’s smell of sweat and each grumpy exhalation just intermingle that it becomes one collective whole of an unexplainable sensation (hint: it’s not pleasant).

I hate those times.

Some days are better than others, though. Especially if you beat the rush hour, even by just a few minutes. It totally makes a difference. Everyone is in less of a rush therefore they look less miserable. And it’s also less people because most people can’t or just won’t wake up earlier to beat the dreaded hour. But still it requires you to be in close contact with a lot of strangers. Plus, being underground in a compact tube just makes it worse if somebody decides to fart or if that person just happen to have an unfortunate scent. You wouldn’t want to be in the train when that happens.

And oh, have I mentioned just how loud some people could be? Among the most annoying things you could experience in public transportation is sharing a ride with a couple of obnoxiously loud dumbasses. I mean, come on, is it too hard to tone down your awfulness?

I know a pleasant, polite silence is too much to ask in public transit, but there should be a smaller limit on how much noise you’re allowed to make before you get arrested. If you have an ounce of respect for your fellow human beings, maybe you could be bothered to remember that we’re inevitably bound to share spaces. We can’t help that. Respecting other people’s spaces means respecting their senses, too; that includes touch, smell, hearing, sight, and taste. It’s impossible to completely avoid violating each of these senses (except maybe the sense of taste–you don’t go shoving something up people’s mouths, do you?). What is unpleasant for another might be pleasant for some, plus, there’s the occasional fart that just can’t be stopped. But perhaps we could try not to violate each other’s senses too much?

This tirade against public transportation (and people, for that matter) could go on and on. But a girl’s got to work. Not all of us could afford working when they feel like it. Life is so unfair. I am such a victim, yada yada yada.

Whine. Pause. Repeat.

But I need to end this in a pleasant note. Ever since Timmy and I started using our car to go to work (worth mentioning that we don’t work in NYC anymore), we have been less miserable;  l’d like to believe, at least. We are already used to each other’s farts so that’s not really a problem (Right, Timmy?). All we need to worry about is avoiding contact with the next stupid driver, angry weather, and making sure we have enough snacks in the glove compartment.

happy couple in a car
If you want to use this face for your car advertisement, contact us.


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