This is Us Obsessing Over Jeopardy!

I think Jenny and I have matured over the last year. Before, our must-watch show was Forensic Files. We’d gather our dinner together, put on our alluring mystery program, and hope that the other didn’t have a life insurance policy planned.

Lately, the popular game show Jeopardy! has been our favorite program. It’s not only because the title requires us to shout. We’ve been on a trivia/knowledge gaining trip lately. Jeopardy, which I refuse to add an exclamation point going further, offers that and more. Alex Trebek’s subtle hatred for humanity alone makes this a great show.

alex trebek
You can only be around nerds so much before you hate everything. (Photo Courtesy of The Ringer)

I used to play Jeopardy with my mom every day when I was in my mid-to-late teens. Over time, I got smarter. I dominated trivia in my ancient/medieval history class. Why we played trivia games instead of learning about the Romans is beyond my control or knowledge. Still, it’s more relevant than the week when we watched the Norm McDonald comedy Dirty Work. Who said public education isn’t good?

I can’t remember exactly how or why we started watching this classic game show. Gun to my head, I’d say we came across a game show fail video online which piqued Jenny’s interest in what a normal episode looks like. Since it only requires about 17 minutes without commercials and skipping over the awful interview portion, we’re able to cram in plenty of useless information within one hour.

Jeopardy isn’t the only game testing our brain capacity. Jenny has been playing Letter Master on Facebook regularly. Normally, I wouldn’t encourage such behavior. EverWing controlled her last summer. If phones could file lawsuits, she’d have one against her for abusing her screen.

Basically, she’s Larry Nassar to these animated characters. (Photo Courtesy of Play Ever Wing)

Neither of us are into games because we like making the most of our time. Plus, we’re very competitive. At this stage in the paragraph, I usually look for some kind of joke. I can’t think of one, which means Jenny gets a point. Damn it.

The great thing about getting obsessed with Jeopardy in 2018 is that there are three decades worth of videos to watch. We’ll never run out of content. Maybe one day, while we play, we’ll actually follow the rules and answer in the form of a question.

Does anyone actually do that when they play at home? Jeopardy is hard enough sometimes. Let’s stop the B.S. and talk like real people.

And in case you want to join us, here’s the playlist we started:

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