Forensic Files: Our Current Dinner-Watching Entertainment

After a long day at work, it’s nice to come home to eat with my wife and watch disturbing tales of murder on her phone.

This is the current tradition Jenny and I have each weekday. Usually when I arrive home Jenny is in the process of making dinner. Once complete, we slide our chairs together and enjoy our meal while watching Forensic Files.

forensic files
No problem? Some of these cases take decades to solve. That’s a problem.

Forensic Files is one of those shows that will never end thanks to how terrible people are. If you’re unfamiliar with the premise, it’s about how investigators use science to put criminals in prison. Basically, it’s real life CSI with far uglier people in it.

Jenny and I began watching Forensic Files a few months ago. Netflix has an abundance of episodes placed into random collections. In total, Forensic Files has over 400 episodes. Many of them are on Netflix too which means we pretty much know how to get away with murder.

It’s certainly an odd choice for our dinner entertainment. We had been watching American Dad until Netflix removed it out of spite in a personal attack against us. We’ve also completed Family Guy so we’re exclusive Forensic Files watchers at dinner time.

The latest collection we’re on has a lot of grisly photographs of the murders. It’s not the best thing to watch while eating tomato sauce and pork liver. Child murders are gruesome enough without fooling yourself into thinking you’re eating evidence.

eating evidence
Eating pork belly is not as appealing when watching a show about a woman’s bones getting discovered in her ex-husband’s basement.

Before Jenny got here, my dinner tradition was to heat up some chicken in a bowl and then stand by my laptop in the bedroom as I check emails, Facebook, and leave intolerant comments on YouTube videos. I like this tradition a whole lot better and not just because it involves sitting down.

Dinner is a time to share with loved ones. Even if you’re barely talking some nights and looking out of the corner of your eye at your loved one wondering if one day you’ll end up on this show, it’s an improvement.

7 thoughts on “Forensic Files: Our Current Dinner-Watching Entertainment

  1. That is a really interesting choice of programing when you are eating! I admit that my wife and I do on occasion like to settle in on the couch with dinner and cover up with blankets and go through what ever we have on TIVO, but we never start with anything gruesome. We always watch some sitcoms or anything funny and save the disgusting bloody shows for after! I guess you can call them dessert?

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