Doctor Strange is a Movie to Setup a Movie to Setup Another Movie to Take Your Money

I’m not a huge fan of comic book movies. Specifically, it’s the Avengers series I’ve skipped out on. Something about them rubs me the wrong way, leaving me chaffed and not wanting to use the bathroom for weeks.

The Avengers seem too unstoppable. None of them have particularly good villains either. For me, it’s the bad guys that make the hero. This is why Batman is so wonderfully popular and the superhero I created, Mr. Tight Thong, isn’t. It also doesn’t help that only I can play Mr. Tight Thong and I’m very limited in my movements when I do.

One Marvel movie we did watch together is Doctor Strange. Jenny and I are both fans of Benedict Cumberbatch. She introduced me to the Sherlock series, and we’ve enjoyed other movies of his since. Doctor Strange was a little different than other performances of his. Cumberbatch went a little more mainstream and relied less on his elongated face to win over the hearts of fans and horse racing enthusiasts.

benedict cumberbatch
True story: Benedict Cumberbatch’s face was set to star in a remake of The Wizard of Oz as the Yellow Brick Road. Unfortunately, producers thought it would make the film too long. (Photo Courtesy of

I could tell you the plot of Doctor Strange, but like most comic book movies, I was a little confused at times. Yes, I’m confused by comic book movies. I live in a reality-based world where non-English names throw me off. Plus, we watched this months ago so I’m a little forgetful of the exact plot. So, let me try a refresher.

Basically, there’s this Doctor Strange guy who is really good at doing doctor things like performing surgeries and not being available when you’ve made your appointment. Then, he’s in an accident which damages his hands thus leading to him searching out a cure. He does, but at the cost of becoming a superhero.

There’s a lot of inter-dimensional chatter throughout and some strange tribal looking guys popping up through portals. Doctor Strange, who doesn’t bother changing his name or hiding his identity, fights to protect earth from them. It’s a pretty basic Marvel plot. I think Stan Lee forgot at some point how many times he has used it.

doctor strange
The only thing between complete destruction of our known world and continuing on with our dreary lives is someone with a lot of college debt from a decade of medical school. (Photo Courtesy of

Like so many other Marvel films, this one was only a setup for more. After the credits, we see Doctor Strange talking with Thor. Because all good superhero teams need someone with a medical license and Cumberbatch is a box office draw, he’s recruited to join them.

On the color spectrum of films, Doctor Strange wasn’t anything incredible. I suppose the special effects were good and the movie did its job introducing us to another arrogant superhero with a love interest. Can’t any of these superheroes already be married?

I won’t crap on Doctor Strange. It has its audience. For me, movies like Logan are far superior.

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