Benedict Cumberbatch’s Long Face in The Imitation Game

About a year ago Jenny and I watched The Imitation Game. It was during a phase where we enjoyed some of well received films rather than critically panned ones we also enjoy watching together. It was better than advertised even in a WWII film without much killing. My only gripe is a personal one regarding Benedict Cumberbatch’s long face.

I'm pretty sure they made this picture horizontal to balance things out.
I’m pretty sure they made this picture horizontal to balance things out.

Jenny first introduced me to this English actor when she recommended I watch Sherlock. It’s a favorite of ours as we enjoy dark humor, detective stories, and apparently gentlemen with faces you could drive your car across and have to stop halfway across to get out and stretch your legs.

Cumberbatch isn’t ugly per say. He’s more homely. If he didn’t have such an amazing Alan Rickman-like voice he’d work IT or would have been sent out on a raft to die. But because he has kept his weight down and was blessed with an orgasmic tongue when delivering messages we overlook Cumberbatch’s unusually long face.

Jenny is a big fan of Sherlock Holmes in general. She has even watched Elementary while suffering through a series that has Lucy Liu playing Watson; a modern twist on an old story!

Jenny doesn’t like Liu much because she has called Filipinos ugly. Liu’s epicanthic fold might need tightening if this is truly what she believes.

As for The Imitation Game, in spite of Cumberbatch’s long face covering half the screen even when he was off in the distance, this was a film Jenny and I enjoyed lots. We especially liked the old-timely term of calling gay people poofs in a serious manner. I’m pretty sure if you used that term today you’d automatically become a homosexual.

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