I Think I Liked Logan Better Than Deadpool

Hollywood got wise and started making R-rated superhero movies. It began with Deadpool in 2016 and continued with Logan this year.

Jenny and I happened to watch both together. Our Deadpool viewing took place in the Philippines during our second beecation. Logan was a summer 2017 Redbox rental we enjoyed on a recent Sunday morning. Strangely, I think I enjoyed the less comedic Logan more.

This does deserve an asterisk because I was pretty tired when we watched Deadpool. Flying halfway around the world will do that to you. I was wide awake during Logan and can probably quote each groan from the film. Believe me, there were lots.

logan movie
In his defense, I’d groan lots too if I looked this old.

Logan is, of course, about X-Men character Wolverine. It’s the last time Hugh Jackman will portray the gritty Canadian mutant. Now, the only person left fitting this description is Michael Cera.

The movie is easily the best in the X-Men franchise. This makes it odd that Donald Trump would be so adamant about banning the X-Men from the military. Has our president not seen Logan yet?

Just like Deadpool, this movie crossed new barriers. There’s cursing, extreme violence, and Patrick Stewart comedically sticking out his tongue. Amazingly, there are no pictures of this online which is a true tragedy.

Perhaps I missed all of the accolades about Logan. I am, after all, a member of zero clubs or activities. When something is popular and new I’m the last to know. I’ve only recently learned about the Macarena.

If you’ve seen Deadpool, Logan is a stronger story that takes itself more seriously. It’s also sort of like Dumb and Dumber with the plot focusing on a road trip. Instead of a brief case, there’s a mousy-voiced Mexican girl.

logan daughter
She doesn’t talk for almost the entire film and when she does you’ll wish she never did.

Filmmakers are learning a movie doesn’t have to appeal to sour-puss mothers who don’t want their kids seeing someone’s throat ripped out. Offering something original is far better than recycling out the same campy movies over and over again. Logan delivers here and makes us all want to forget about the cheesiness of old X-Men movies.

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