Happy Pill #1: Fine-Tipped Pens

This is the third winter I’ve experienced in my entire life. Since this is the season in which it takes little to no effort to feel the blues (yes, northeast winters could definitely do that to you), I find it helpful to cling to and focus on the things–big or small–that we are grateful for. The things that bring us joy.

That make us happy.

Obviously, top of the list is my darling Timmybee.

Aside from him though, today is dedicated to the joy that my new purchase brought to my life (and yes, when all else fails, there’s shopping).

Let me introduce you to the wonderful thing that is the Pilot Hi-Tec-C that writes in 0.25 mm. Think about F-I-N-E lines!

pilot hi-tec 0.25mm fine-tipped pens sharp pens fine lines calligraphy writing japan
You won’t find this just in any store. Trust me, I’ve looked. This is an import from the land of modern inventions – JAPAN! Westerners should have access to this through online shopping. I got mine from Amazon. Well, you could get everything from Amazon.

From my earliest years of note-taking inside a classroom, I’ve discovered that I have a preference for pens that require the littlest of pressure to create beautiful thin lines. I don’t know why exactly this gives me joy. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m saving space because of the thin lines. Maybe because I’m a lazy writer who wants to put the smallest of effort into placing ink into paper. Maybe because I could create a lot of small details when I try to doodle with it when I’m bored listening to the teacher.

Maybe it’s all of those. Or maybe it’s just because.

We often don’t have control over which things give us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Sometimes it’s achieving something you’ve been working for for years. Or finding your soulmate.

Sometimes though, it’s as simple as finding that ultra-mega-king of pens.

pilot hi-tec 0.25mm fine-tipped pens sharp pens fine lines calligraphy writing japan neverwhere book neil gaiman
Insert a picture with a Neil Gaiman book because, erm, he’s a writing legend. And I’m just in love with his works so there’s that.

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