Keeping Our LDR on the DL

It might amaze some people to learn that Jenny and I weren’t always this public in regards to our relationship. During the first two years together, we only shared information about our connection with a handful of people. Though obvious if you were Facebook friends with either of us, we never proclaimed anything official until we were ready to meet in person.

Telling people you’re in a long distance relationship is a strange talking-point. It’s even tougher to bring up when you’ve never actually met the person physically. The route for love is not a traditional one. Understandably so, not everyone can comprehend how it works.

two bees
Throwback picture of us in a tax in the Philippines, quietly frightened that no one follows traffic laws.

Looking back, it’s amazing Jenny and I were able to maintain such a sturdy love through two years without ever physically being together. We always made time for each other. Saturdays evenings for me and early Sunday mornings for her were the prime time to be alive. It’s the time when we’d push everything else to the side and struggle through a bad Skype connection.

I think a part of why we kept our relationship quiet is because we were afraid of losing it. When something you covet is so far away, it feels like it could slip away easier. We never did slip away from each other, something we’ll both remain grateful for.

staying up all night
This adorable photo reminds me: I have to throw out that shirt. It has too many holes in it now. But can I? What about the sentimental value!

Once we met in person, things changed. We were a little more open about what we had going on. Once we officially joined hands and could fully share a life together, the floodgates opened. Far less remained secretive. Our relationship isn’t taboo any longer. It’s normal, albeit, with an unusual journey to get to where it is now.

I’m not sure how much longer Jenny and I could have kept our LDR on the DL. If not for needing an excuse to disappear for a week, I think we could’ve lasted longer.

Not to mention, it would have been especially strange when Jenny returned home from Cebu City with an engagement ring and little precursor to explain it. Her family knew she was meeting up with me. What they didn’t expect was to gain another member.

first pop-tart
Our first Pop-Tarts together, eaten before we were ready to share our gluttony with the world on this blog.

For as public as we are with our relationship on this blog, there is a lot we still keep private. You’ll never see us write something dramatic for the lone sake of gaining some ass pats. Likely, you won’t see a picture of our poop. I’m not guaranteeing anything, though.

The best kinds of relationships have a bit of balance between showcasing it to the public and keeping things quiet. There’s nothing wrong letting the world know you love each other. It also doesn’t hurt to leave a little mystery.

10 thoughts on “Keeping Our LDR on the DL

  1. I’ve had a few long-distance relationships and they are HARD. I’m talking about long distance but still in the same country. I can’t imagine going two years! That is nuts. Congratulations on doing it! It’s all more than worth it in the end, as I’m sure you both know.

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  2. I can totally relate. When my man and I were just getting to know each other and decided to be exclusive, we didn’t tell anyone except to some very few friends who actually care. Like yo, we didn’t want any negativity because not everyone can actually understand specially the relationship is not the traditional one. We only made our relationship known to public after he flew here in the Philippines to meet me in person and spent time with me. Congratulations to you and your lady. We are looking forward to be together and really close the gap soon.

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