For Three Years, Life Revolved Around Saturday Evening

Jenny and I make it no secret how antisocial we are. We’d tell our friends about it, but…

We’ll purposefully wait the whole day before going out or get up early to avoid people. We’re not the kind of pairing to spend Saturday night partying or even present among others. If it were up to us, we’d be stranded on an island together with no other survivors.

house on island alone
This is where we’d like to live.

Typically, our Saturday nights include something good to eat, some creating, and maybe a movie. It’s a simple life and I don’t want to change anything about it other than extend its duration.

This change is still a relatively recent one. Jenny and I have now been together in the flesh for eight and a half months or so. Prior to this, our lives literally revolved around Saturday evening.

Saturday evening was the time we’d Skype. From about 3pm until 7pm my time and 3am until 7am hers, it was the one period of the week where we’d focus solely on each other. Both of us have very active minds and fingers (image what you will) and to grab our attention is no easy feat.

During the early stages of our relationship, Skype dates were less regular. Jenny worked weird hours–like ones with freckles and red hair. Eventually, she found a job with consistent hours. Thanks to this we were able to regularly meet on Skype every Saturday evening.

Thank you, Skype. You helped our relationship blossom and you’ve ensured people doing job interviews can judge a potential candidate on the way they look.

An average weekend includes chatting with Jenny on Facebook on my Friday night once she woke up, talking with her again my Saturday morning as she was about to sleep, SKYPE DATE!!!, and then talking with her a little more on my Sunday morning. By the time Sunday afternoon came, I knew the weekend was practically over. I was lucky if we’d get any time to talk again before I went to sleep.

This was how life was for a very long time. Life no longer revolves around that one time of the week. Now we have every night to experience that joy, sometimes misery, and the occasional anguish.

Sometimes, though, it’s the quantity of the good things in life that make up for the lack of quality. We have plenty of time together. It makes up for everything else going wrong.

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