Bees Binge Watch Session: Wanted

Among the two of us, Jenny is the bigger binge watcher. I don’t have the attention-span to focus on too many television shows for long. Frankly, I can’t concentrate on anything at all for long. I started writing this blog post a week ago and I’m only now completing the third sentence.

Sometimes, though, I get caught up in the moment and end up binge watching something online. Other times, I get stuck binge watching a stranger until they call the police.

One of those latest shows we binged was Netflix’s Wanted. I call it Netflix’s Wanted because they’re pretending it’s their own original series. It actually aired in Australia originally and Netflix tap-danced on the grave of Ned Kelly to put their name on it.

Wanted Australia
The cast of Wanted at the tryouts for Three’s Company: 2018.

When we started watching Wanted, I told Jenny it was a TV show based on the Angelina Jolie movie of the same name. Boy, I was wrong. I think it was the font that threw me off. They used a similar one. This still isn’t as bad as the time my dad rented Mask instead of The Mask.

Because of my error, Jenny and I were treated to two seasons of this Australian adventure. We blazed through Wanted really quickly. The best part is that we don’t know anyone else who watched it. We now have the perfect way to avoid a conversation.

“Have you seen Wanted?” – us

“No.” – them

“Okay, then.” – us, again

I did see one woman on a train watching it. Since I am a kind person, I didn’t drop any spoilers. I’ll leave them out there as I quickly provide a synopsis of this broadcast.

The show is about two women caught up in what appears to be a murder involving drugs. There’s a deeper conspiracy behind it, which unravels as the show progresses. These two unlikely heroes take on multiple hitmen and others trying to kill them along the way as they dodge law enforcement. Basically, they’re fugitives with good and bad cops after them.

wanted australia
The alternative title of this show was “Women in Hats” because it’s the most consistent element of the show.

I think we enjoyed this show a lot because there weren’t any really annoying characters. Aside from the 5’5 male love interest in the second season, there wasn’t much to goof on. He was this show’s version of The OA’s Homer. His face wasn’t nearly as punchable. I think it’s because only the top part of his head was ever able to fit into the shot with the rest of the cast.

None of the actors are familiar and the show is pretty tight and doesn’t waste time with bottle episodes or lengthy flashbacks. Wanted gets right to the point and kills off people at an alarming rate.

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