Don’t Let the Kids Get All the Fun

This past weekend, we got a present. It came in the form of an annoying doorbell ring early on Saturday morning. Neither of us wanted to get up and answer it. But I have always been the more stubborn one in this relationship; I am the bigger, more oversized brat who refuses to get out of bed before 10 ‘o clock during weekends. So Timmy answered the door and got down to get our present.

And I’m glad he did!

Anyway, that’s not the meat of this blog post. This concerns what we did with our present. We took it out in the cold New Jersey seven degrees-Fahrenheit weather to see if it really works. Below is the initial result.

(BE WARNED: you might see very clear, crude snow drawings of the male anatomy that you would rather not because it is immature and done without sophistication. But if you’re among us who don’t give a fuck and just want to have a laugh, enjoy!)

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