A Good Marriage Doesn’t Solve All of Your Problems

I’m going to break Han Solo’s words of advice and get cocky, kid.

I have a really good marriage.

I mean, life is far from perfect. Money doesn’t grow on trees and donuts only come by the dozen. But my marriage is a pretty damn good one.

Sure, we’re still beginning our second year together as husband and wife. Things can change. Jenny may only be able to bear me half-crab babies. That’s a deal breaker in holy matrimony if there ever was one.

Don’t let this sweet face fool you. She flicks me all the time. The next step up from flicking is pinching, hence my worry about the crab babies.

As wonderful as our marriage is, it has not solved any of life’s problems. We still wonder how we’ll afford to have kids. Diapers are expensive. I imagine anyone who owns a nice car also has their kid poop in the streets.

There’s also a strong desire for each of us to have jobs we’re actually passionate about. This isn’t easy. There’s a lot of competition out there in the Competitive Eating League.

competitive eating logo
I believe in you, baby! One day our dreams will come true.

There are many days when one or both of us are severely depressed. Each of us does our best to hide it from the other. Sometimes, though, we crack.

I think we’ve both learned that in spite of having your soulmate with you often, life is about so much more and includes lots of baggage. Most of our time is spent doing the opposite of what we want. At the end of the day, it’s nice to return to each other. That’s the one problem marriage does solve. It gives you something to constantly look forward to.

I don’t think anyone gets married to solve their problems; that’s what having kids are for. One would think that after three years apart, Jenny and I finally being together in the flesh would’ve fixed everything. At least, back then, that’s how it felt.

Our occasional sadness has not hurt our relationship. It may ultimately have brought us closer together because it’s a reminder that we desire the same things in life. The most important is being together.

good marriage
I couldn’t ask for anything more…expect my pants to be made of real pizza.

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