Apple Cider Vinegar is Quite Expensive in the Philippines

It is no secret that Timmy and I are accomplished piggies. One proof of this is our constant preoccupation with food. Happiness is also very evident in our faces once we are served with a yummy piece of edible invention.

When did this become a food blog?
When did this become a food blog?

Right now though, we are trying to suppress our piggy natures (which is really bad for our health since it is causing us psychological stress, right, Timmy?). We wanted to lose weight before our beecation next month so that we could gain it back again when we are together. It is such beautiful logic! See, we are not really after weight loss, just weight maintenance–at least, if we are successful with shedding off pounds before we meet up and consummate our pigginess!

My latest attempt to lose weight is using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). This product is so NOT accessible where I live. It’s easy enough to get apples here, so why not ACV, right? I really shouldn’t wonder since I haven’t heard of it before until recently anyway. For a vinegar, it’s rather expensive. I bought a 16 oz. bottle for 210.00 pesos. That’s about $4.66. It was such a blow for my cheapness. But beecation is 24 days away and I needed all the help I can get.

As I asked our common friend–Google–about the uses of ACV, it turns out it’s supposed to have so many benefits; weight loss being only one of tens. An ancient greek dude even used and endorsed it thousands of years ago, and now he’s recognized as the father of medicine. So maybe he knows what he’s talking about.

It’s still my first day of using the product and the only result I got was eating more (although it’s not really ACV’s fault; it’s because today is a holiday in the country which means I’m at home and more food is readily available gaaaaah). I might just keep using it though, not just for weight loss, but for its plenty of other benefits. You have to ask Google for those now, I’m afraid. I’m typing this with one hand because the other is so busy getting food. How do you expect me to open another tab?!

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