Petitions, Beecations, and Food Then More Food

Wow have I really not written anything here in three weeks? A lot has changed between Jenny and me since. For starters, we’ve completed the first step in being together forever/until she gets sick of me.

Back in February we decided it was time to start the whole process of getting here moved over into the United States. It’s not an easy process. I can’t just stuff her in an envelope then pay for postage. I mean, I could try it. We would rather do it the right way.

In order to get her over here we need to first file a petition. This involves lots of paperwork, proof of our existing relationship, and more paperwork. I spent about two weeks gathering everything together back in early March then mailed it all out on the 18th. On the following Monday I received a text message saying it was received. On that same Friday I got a letter in the mail basically telling me the same thing. This is known as the First Notice of Action. It serves as a warning that the check you sent them is about to get deposited and all of the pictures you sent them of you with your significant other will be seen by a stranger. I imagine working for this department of the government must be really heartbreaking if you’re single especially when you have to look at 10 pictures of Jenny and me together looking really happy.

So there’s that to look forward to. We’ll have to wait a few months before we get the Second Notice of Action which either approves us or denies the next step which is Jenny applying for a Visa.

Before we get to that step in our relationship we’ll meet up again. In fact, our next beecation is coming up real soon. It’s so near we’ve already started packing. The only other thing I need is another flavor of Pop-Tarts.

Like the last time we met in October piggying will be a big part of this beecation. While we both intended to diet and lose some weight beforehand to impress each other and have an excuse to eat a ton, we both failed miserably. It’s okay though. I wasn’t expecting her to have a bikini bridge and she wasn’t expecting rock hard abs from me. This just means if I actually like balut I’ll be able to eat a lot more without fearing weight gain.

Jenny will make me eat balut while I'll make her eat Cadbury Eggs. Clearly, I love her more.
Jenny will make me eat balut while I’ll make her eat Cadbury Eggs. Clearly, I love her more.

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