The Most Unbelievable Event of 2019

The most unbelievable event of 2019 happened to me in late December. It was a year where plenty changed, but the most spectacular thing to occur was the moment I saw a third season episode of The Simpsons I had never seen before.

My blood is as red, white, and blue as the rest of ya. As a Millennial who grew up watching television constantly from age 1-21, it means I’ve seen a whole lot of The Simpsons.

Thanks to the powerful overlords at Disney, Jenny can enjoy The Simpsons now, too. We sprung for a Disney+ account temporarily where she can catch up on a show she didn’t know all that much about.

Disney+ is great for young parents who want to try to convince their kids the weird cartoons they watched as a kid still hold up. Where’s the new content, though? The Mandalorian was meh. Nobody cares about half of the movies in your library. They’re all starring a teenage Kurt Russell. Give me something fresh. Convince me to pay for another month. I dare you. (Photo Courtesy of

While the show has been pretty crappy for about 20 years and I haven’t seen a new episode in at least a decade, it is the program I learned the most about religion from. I credit The Simpsons and South Park for about 80% of my worldly knowledge. I guess this may explain a lot about me.

The episode involved the famous yellow family (no, I’m not being racist) going to Washington D.C. as part of some trip Lisa won for them. While in D.C., there’s some scandal with a congressman. It’s a rather tame episode and far from a classic.

I’m curious as to how this one slipped by me. There was a chunk of time where I could watch up to six episodes of the show in a day through syndication. So that you understand I wasn’t just glued to the television, I was also usually on my computer. The Simpsons was good background noise and comforted me on many nights when I would wonder where my parents were.

Life has changed a lot since The Simpsons was a big part of my everyday life. I haven’t had cable for more than 10 years now. I question why anyone even does. With all of the mukbangs on YouTube and reactions to those mukbangs, who needs to pay exorbitant prices for entertainment when you can get home footage of people forcing themselves into an early grave at no extra fee?

Although I feel like nobody watches The Simpsons anymore, there’s no denying their influence on pop culture. One day there’s going to be a president who watched this show six times a day. (Photo Courtesy of

Jenny has made it through about seven seasons of the show although I told her to skip the first two. I feel those don’t hold up. Smithers was black in season one! I don’t have anything against this. I just find it odd they made the change. We can only assume the Rodney King beating had something to do with it.

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