Netflix Shows I Couldn’t Stomach Finishing

Netflix is known for its lackluster streaming movie selection and hit-and-miss TV shows. Oh and for breaking the mold of how we watch television and movies. I should give them credit there.

Not everything I’ve watched on Netflix ended well. In fact, there are some shows I didn’t finish at all. I decided to make a list here so I could take a proverbial dump on each.

Orange is the New Black

I got far into the first season. I’d say episode 9 or 10? Then I gave up. Something about watching women jump around in prison didn’t excite me. They were too happy having girl time and not miserable enough missing out on Instagram posts of people’s lunches like normal people. The characters are not likable. I understand a show like this has its audience and some people must love the characters. Look at how some people defend Donald Trump. It’s impossible for anyone to go life being completely unloved.

orange is the new black
Oh I get it. Life is hectic, but it can also be fun! (Photo Courtesy of


I couldn’t even go into a description about this British “comedy.” It’s odd. It’s strange. It’s the reason why England lost its spot as the best country in the world and is probably now somewhere in the teens. Jenny and I really gave this one a chance. After two episodes, we took it into the backyard and shot it Old Yeller style.

Fuller House

In all fairness, I watched the first episode of this because I was really into sadomasochism at the time. It was as bad as I expected. Fuller House gets credit for meeting my expectations.

The Ranch

I was doing something else when Jenny attempted to start watching The Ranch. Five laugh tracks into the show, she turned it off and took an 8pm nap.

the ranch
Just as funny as the Ashton Kutcher show. (Photo Courtesy of Amazon)

Back Off Haters

Jenny and I were drawn to this one because of the paint we were watching dry had finally done so. With nothing better to do, we watched a few minutes of this abomination. We never went back.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

My attempt at watching this popular Netflix original happened shortly after the show came out. I decided to judge it fairly. If I didn’t laugh within the first ten minutes, it was over. I didn’t. I moved on and likely wasted the evening playing a baseball simulation game alone in the dark.

Marco Polo

Despite the title, this had nothing to do with closing your eyes whilst in a swimming pool. This is actually the story of someone who lived long ago and Mongolians. It’s very boring and confusing. Add more swimming pools, please.

marco polo
Taken from WikiHow, because apparently this game is too complicated for some fragile minds.

The Tudors

Fresh from watching Spartacus (one of my favorite shows) I attempted to watch another historical piece on Netflix. This one didn’t hold my attention as well. The pilot moved slower than me in a swimming pool playing Marco Polo. I didn’t let a second episode waste my time.

Just so we’re all balanced, I did want to mention another list worth sharing. Sometimes there are terrible shows on Netflix that I somehow manage to finish. Two pop into my head.

Horrible Netflix Shows I Did Finish

Real Rob

I watched the first season of Real Rob. It’s a Rob Schneider sitcom so you know it’s basically 9/11 all over again. The show did make me laugh sparingly (the same amount of sweets and fats we should eat according to a food pyramid). However, this is Rob Schneider we’re talking about. I think this show was better for keeping me company and titillating my senses with its nonsense than anything else. I never got around to the second season because my insanity has been cured.

pauly shore
Next, Pauly Shore gets a five-year deal with Netflix. (Photo Courtesy of


Starring Will Arnettflix Original (my nickname for him), Flaked is an unfunny melodrama about nothing. Even the description on Netflix is vague. I watched the first season hoping something funny would happen. Nothing ever did. Why do I have any hope at all?

2 thoughts on “Netflix Shows I Couldn’t Stomach Finishing

  1. Never found Rob Schneider funny so watching anything with him in is a no-no. I came across Fuller House accidentally -think I pressed something and thought “is this spoof TV” only to realise it was a real show. And like House of Cards, Narcos, The Wire, Breaking Bad and a host of other “popular” shows, I have no intention of watching Orange is the new Black.

    I did actually watch the first – and subsequent seasons of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. However the last season was just noise in the background. I have no idea how it ended.

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