Are People Who Eat Lunch in Their Car Weird?

Is eating lunch in your car weird? It’s one of the most antisocial things you can do. It’s also a practice I’ve participated in hundreds of times in my lifetime.

Of course, I only eat lunch in my car on work days. It’s not as if I’m at home on a Saturday and decide to step outside into the car for a meal. Although, Jenny and I did have a burrito dinner in our car late last year.

Smiles brought to you by “Buy One Get One Free Burritos”

Back to the topic at hand: is eating lunch in your car instead of with your work mates or at your desk a really strange thing to do?

I can’t really defend people who say it’s a creepy thing to do because I am one of those creepers who lurks behind his steering wheel shoveling food into his mouth. As a member of the working class for about 14 years now, I can safely say I have eaten in the work cafeteria less than ten times in my life. This includes jobs at multiple places. The few times I have indulged in work cafeteria dining it was because I felt especially shameless and didn’t want to travel far to eat my recently warmed up pizza.

Eating in front of people is something I’m not completely comfortable with. I have less self-control than Kevin Spacey on the Lord of the Flies island. As someone who grew up fat, I’m self-conscious of what goes willingly into my mouth. This excludes flying bugs which I have surely digested without realizing it.

Lately, I’ve been eating my lunches either in my car, on a bench outside, or at my desk. I’m not the kind of person who likes to sit in a kitchen and ingest food. Something about it is too personal. Maybe it’s because I spent my youth romancing food that I feel like it’s something best done in private.

Filipinos don’t eat lunch in their cars much because of the heat and food choice. Imagine scarfing down a Lechon on your lunch break in the office parking lot. It doesn’t work.

On days when I have the car, I eat my lunch in my car. My workmates know it. I’m also the only one who does. To be fair, I’m not in their clique. I have a different job title therefore must know a password to eat my midday meal with them.

The good thing about eating lunch in my car is that it allows me to video chat with Jenny on days when she’s available. On the days when she’s not, I eat my meal just as quickly before endlessly scrolling through web pages, cursing that there are no new updates. It’s not an atypical activity. The only thing different from me and a normal person is that I choose to do it in a car, not in some comfortable room with refrigeration, a microwave, and people.

And coincidentally enough, we ended up eating dinner in a different type of car tonight. Amazingly, this occurred after I wrote this. I suppose anything is possible.

eating in car

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