Long Distance Relationship Disadvantage: No One to Stop You From Looking Sloppy

I’m not the best at looking neat. In the nicest way possible, Jenny reminds me of this. I’m not sure how she does it. Not many women would marry a guy whose shirt collar collects boogers. She did. Unlike my baseball cards though, they won’t go up in value.

During the time when Jenny and I were in a long distance relationship, she never got to see all of those horrible little qualities about me. She couldn’t notice a stray nose hair on Skype. If my shirt wasn’t tucked in well during an important event, it would stay poorly tucked in. Thankfully, I have her to help me with looking a bit more presentable.

job interview
Looking all neat for a job interview for a position I never heard back from.

When you’re in a long distance relationship, you’re at a major disadvantage with little things. For instance, shortly before Jenny came to the US, I was asked to provide a headshot for a website I was writing at. I don’t have any friends who live anywhere near me or I’m comfortable enough inviting into my home/asking a favor of. Yeah, I’m a little neurotic.

I ended up taking a video using my computer’s webcam and capturing a screen shot from it. The quality was poor and likely a determining factor in the website creator moving across the country and giving up on his dreams three months later.

In a marriage, I feel it’s important for each member of the pair to contribute something major. Jenny is the visual one. She makes sure we won’t be asked to leave places based on our appearance.

Jenny picked out my glasses, hat, and coat. I’m like a Sims character for her.

I’ve become accustomed to having Jenny as my anchor. I’m not the kind of guy who tucks in his shirt much or carefully makes sure he doesn’t have urine run down his leg after taking a pee. I’m reckless at times. I also don’t really mind if my hair looks like the ass of a rabid dog.

Hopefully Jenny views one of my qualities as favorable in making us work better as a team. I suppose being the one who carries the heavier grocery items in counts for something. Since mules can’t walk down stairs as efficiently as I can, I’m practically irreplaceable.


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