Bella Thorne’s Voice Acting Skills Ruined The Guardian Brothers

Actress Bella Thorne is one of Hollywood’s most respected redheads. Right between pedophile Jeffrey Jones and the Chucky Doll from the Child’s Play Series, she’s a fire-crotched favorite in Los Angeles.

I am, of course, being a little sarcastic. Bella Thorne hasn’t done much other than post provocative photos on Instagram. Her filmography is weak. Worst of all is how poorly she performed in The Guardian Brothers as a voice actress.

bella thorne
I suppose we shouldn’t have high expectations for someone who looks like this. (Photo Courtesy of YouTube)

The Guardian Brothers is a movie made in China then re-dubbed in America by the Weinstein Company. Although it’s a leap, I’m wondering if Thorne’s poor performance in this film was overlooked because she was willing to do whatever it took for the role. I’d hate to assume that a girl who posts pictures of herself wearing nothing but underwear and making out with other chicks would do such horrible things for a job.

The Guardian Brothers is available on Netflix and your typical run-of-the-mill animated film. It’s not Disney quality in animation or storytelling. I did laugh a few times. Best of all for my millennial brain, I didn’t feel bored.

Moments after these two agreed to marry. (Photo Courtesy of Star Tribune)

Starring alongside Thorne is Edward Norton, Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, and the fat guy from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Why is it that fat guys always get cast as fat cartoons, too? It’s constantly happening to Josh Gad. I feel like after all the effort he has put into creating memorable characters it’s time he is rewarded with the role of an attractive animated character.

It’s unfair to give The Guardian Brothers a fair rating because of Thorne’s lazy performance. I have never heard someone give such a bad voice-acting effort. She sounds bored throughout the film. In her defense, this is a 20-year-old playing a 10-year-old. Only Luke Perry during his 90210 days could pull that off.

guardian brothers
In some places this movie was called Little Door Gods. Speaking of doors, can someone hit Bella Thorne with one?

Thorne’s bad voice effort was a complete distraction throughout the hour and 25 minutes this film lasted. Even 91-year-old Mel Brooks shows up with his lunch pail and delivers. Thorne, meanwhile, is more concerned with cashing a paycheck and shitting all over an industry that ugly people with good voices use to survive.

4 thoughts on “Bella Thorne’s Voice Acting Skills Ruined The Guardian Brothers

  1. Yeah.. I agree, I just found this movie on Netflix and I starting to get invested in it when her acting made me, literally stop the movie and watch something else.
    I loved the idea of a movie center on the culture an bealives of another country but i just couldn’t make it. It’s a shame I’m not a movie critic or anything but she really ruined this movie for me. I hope they actually redub this movie and actually look for a good voice actor and not a just a celebrity name to put in the opening credits.


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