Manny Pacquiao Approves of Everything

Manny Pacquaio is easily the most recognizable Filipino in the world. His tight leathery face and high school freshman height have not stopped him from becoming a national hero. Pacquiao’s ability to knock other men to the ground made him an international star and a marketing darling.

In the Philippines, he’s the number one face you want on a cardboard cutout advertising your product. Everyone over there loves “The Pac Man” more than any other celebrity. During my two stints in the Philippines, I noticed how many products Pacquaio willingly approves of.

manny pacquiao
Really, Manny? All day everyday? I think this is the prelude to him advertising a painless catheter alternative. (Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)

Pacquaio advertisements were in front of Pizza Huts, banks, and shoe stores. He always did the same pose too: the clenched fist. As a boxer, a profession you’d look ridiculous doing with an open fist, I understand the lack of creativity behind these ads. The only way a man of his tiny stature can possibly earn respect is to have a punch locked in the chamber. Why do you think Leprachauns are always looking for a fight?

The United States has an equally as imposing athlete advertising everything under the sun. Former NFL star Peyton Manning has promoted Oreos, Papa John’s pizza, DirectTV, and a million other productions over the years. Like Pacquaio, he’d have a tough time standing out if not for his athleticism. He’s one month of skipping weight training from looking like a darker haired Owen Wilson. Only because of their dominance at work have they been able to become the below-average faces of many products.

peyton manning
Peyton Manning appears ready to toss that Papa John’s pizza 40 yards down the sideline. Can you blame him? (Photo Courtesy of

Manning still falls well behind Pacquiao. I’m sure The Pac Man has at some point snuck his way into an advertisement for feminine products.

“For those heavy flow days, you want something tough enough to withstanding anything.” – Narrator


“I’m Manny Pacquiao. With the help of Maxi Pads, you can ‘knock out’ those heavy flow days.” – Manny Pacquiao

“I’m Manny Pacquaio. Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger or else.” Then boom! He punches through the chocolate.

I can’t blame Pacquiao for promoting so many products. I would too if anyone trusted me to become their spokesperson.

pacman watch
I’m confused. Is he advertising watches for pirates? (Photo Courtesy of

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