Weight Loss Resolutioners…Again

My husband and I are not getting any younger. We’re also not getting any healthier. For the past few months, we had kind of  REALLY let go of and didn’t even try to have healthy eating habits. I am probably at my highest weight ever, and I’m terrified to record it this coming Saturday morning. Yes, we have scheduled a time for an official weigh-in. And like most of the other overweight people on this planet, we are joining the bandwagon and starting a weight loss journey for 2018.

1 pound fat vs 1 pound muscle
I guess we should call it fat loss journey instead of weight loss journey, eh? But saying fat is not PC, so…  (Photo courtesy of nielsenfitness.com)

Last year, we did well from about January to March. Then we relapsed to our piggy mode for most of April to December. It’s just so hard to care about losing weight when eating delicious foods is so satisfying and your spouse does not really care if you gain “a few” extra pounds.

This year, I hope we do better. Tons better (at least half a year better maybe?). Even when I know Timmy will love and accept me no matter what weight I am, I do not feel good about the current state of my body anymore. I’m just not putting a high priority on my health. For someone who comes from a family with all sorts of diseases, many of which come from being overweight, I should really be more careful about my health choices.

Timmy is joining me on this one.  He’s even better than me so far in sticking to our diet plan. Last night was particularly stressful because a lowlife scumbag robbed our house in the Philippines, I was sick from worrying about my family–it just threw off all motivation I had to eat healthy last night. So for a midnight snack, I cooked myself some rice and ate it with sauteed shrimp paste (or bagoong) and some spicy vinegar (sukang pinakurat). Don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense to you. That food combo would only be yummy to a Filipino.

bagoong sauteed shrimp paste
This smells and tastes like paradise to Filipinos, but might be too stinky/offensive for some. Hey, every culture has their own share of fetishes! (Photo courtesy of foodrepublic.com)

But I couldn’t make excuses like that all the time for me to not stick on our diet plan. For that’s what it was: an excuse. I should stop treating food as a source of comfort during stressful times. So easy to say, so hard to do, I know. But you just got to do difficult stuff sometimes. This is one of them. What makes it less hard is having an encouraging and nonjudgmental person to do it with (yes this is a thank you shout out to you, my wonderful husband).

By June, I hope to be at least a hundred pounds lighter.

Nah, not really. I just want to lose enough to have a bikini bridge.

(Still not really.)

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