The OA Review – Five Things We Liked or Didn’t Like

I’m going to just categorize this in our Bee Movies section since it’s pretty pointless to create a whole new one for TV shows. Jenny and I are hoping to write a few (or vlog ’em) more movie reviews as that section of this blog has been neglected like a fat sister in a thin family.

Today, we finished one of the latest shows we were working on. Isn’t it funny how watching TV shows has become something people “work on.” As if it’s a chore.

Family watching Netflix
The 2017 family business: sitting together on one couch complaining about how Netflix has no good movies.

The show is called The OA. It’s pretty complicated to describe what it’s about. Basically, a skinny blonde girl is really mysterious and hangs out with a bunch of kids. The introduction to the series literally takes an hour. Then, the real story begins.

In a nutshell, The OA is about a group of people who are kidnapped by a guy who studies near-death experiences. She is retelling the story of her adventures to the group of kids (and one teacher) inside of an abandoned house so that they can help her save the other people who are still being held hostage. They plan to do this through really weird movements.

It’s those MOVEMENTS which I’d say I did not like.

The above is probably terribly confusing. Just imagine characters doing this really intensely while in captivity. It’s ridiculous. It made an otherwise (almost) completely serious show a mockery.

One of the characters on the show who does these movements is named HOMER. You know how there’s something about Mary? Well, there’s also something about Homer. Jenny and I cannot pinpoint exactly what it is, but we absolutely hate the guy’s face.

Homer from The OA
I don’t think we’ve ever hated a character so much for his face as much as we do Homer.

I shouldn’t harp on all of the negative. After all, Jenny and I did finish the show pretty quickly. I really enjoyed the SCENES FROM HEAVEN as it offered a unique take on the afterlife. Oh and I should probably mention OA stands for Original Angel. It’s like Original Gangster except more religious.

Another thing we did like was how uniquely the story was told. In the present, the main woman named Prairie (who goes by OA), is trying to teach those weird fucking movements to the high school kids and teacher. It’s in the past where we see what happened to hear while she was in captivity for seven years. The captivity also took place throughout most of her twenties which means A LOT LESS SELFIES were created.

Taking a selfie
“I can’t believe I wasted my twenties. I didn’t update my Facebook status nearly enough.” – 30-year-olds these days

Finally, let me wrap this up by saying another positive. The show is only 8 episodes long and one was just a half-hour. There’s not a lot to commit to. I can’t think of anything specific I really adored about the show other than HERSHEL FROM THE WALKING DEAD plays OA’s father. If his presence doesn’t convince you to give it a try, I don’t know what will.

As many reviewers will agree, the show is not as great as Stranger Things. It also has no real payoff which sets up well for the second season. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait months until that happens. I’m sure plenty of people won’t bother sticking around because the whole reason to watch this show was to find out what OA stood for.

Thousands of people will die before ever seeing the second season. So, if you come back here months from now to see what I thought of the first season when the second season has already come out, congratulations to you. You’re a survivor.

4 thoughts on “The OA Review – Five Things We Liked or Didn’t Like

  1. I’ve seen it too. The plot is quite similar to another Brit Marling movie, The Sound of My Voice (2011). But instead of an angel, she could be a time traveller. (The audience is kept wondering too).

    I kinda liked it. But maybe I’m biased because I liked Marling’s previous works like I, Origins (2014) and Another Earth (2011).

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    1. For what it’s worth, I rather like the story. And I think the way it was told was very clever. Marling is definitely an interesting writer. Thanks for the suggestions!

      P.S. They definitely could have casted a better actor for Homer. He ruined so many parts of the show for us. But of course, that is personal preference. :3

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