Alaska Trip: Northern Lights & More – Coldfoot Adventure (Honeymoon Tour Part 2)

Here’s the second part of our Alaska trip. We included some clips of our dog sledding experience in Coldfoot Camp, northern lights viewing both in Coldfoot Camp and Wiseman Village, as well as an abundant share of gushing on just how beautiful Alaska is.

It would do one well to remember that even though it looks so beautiful, it’s not the easiest environment to thrive in. The temperature during our whole stay there has never gone higher than NEGATIVE ten degrees Fahrenheit (at least whenever we were outside), and that’s not counting the windchill factor.

But heck, it was all worth it. We would love to pack our bags and live in Alaska as soon as we could afford it.

And, of course, no bee video would be complete if we don’t include food shots. Prepare yourselves for the best “reasonably-sized” pancake ever.

4 thoughts on “Alaska Trip: Northern Lights & More – Coldfoot Adventure (Honeymoon Tour Part 2)

  1. The NL pictures are FAB.
    How did you capture them ?
    I’m not a photographer so I could use some insight.
    Did you see all those colors in one night ?

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    1. Yes we did see all those colors in one night. We probably have more than a hundred of them to be honest! I’m not a photographer myself–it was taken by somebody we met at the camp who was a photography enthusiast. He had a DSLR camera that he used to take the photos. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to capture any pictures using our phones since they weren’t powerful enough. The guy who took the picture told me he had to tweak the Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO settings of his camera to get good results for taking the Auroras. It wasn’t that complicated he said, there were a lot of easy tutorials that you could look up (especially on YouTube).

      If you plan on going for a Northern Lights trip, maybe consider bringing a good camera with you (or, like in our case, a friend who has one!).


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