Alaska Trip: From Fairbanks to Coldfoot Camp (Honeymoon Tour Part 1)

I have so many things to share to you guys about Alaska (and how much we love it!) and I honestly don’t know where to start. For now, here’s a vlog from the first part of our trip: a ride from Fairbanks to Coldfoot Camp.

We started from the Fairbanks airport base of the Northern Alaska Tour Company, crossed the Arctic Circle, and reached Coldfoot Camp after almost 10 hours.

In this vlog you could see our stops at the Arctic Trading Post (Wildwood General Store), Alyeska Pipeline (Trans-Alaska Pipeline), and the Yukon River camp. Final stop–of course–is to eat at the Coldfoot Cafe (or more accurately, Truckers Cafe)! 😅

Pictures and videos won’t do it justice–you have to be there to experience the full beauty of Alaska and its people. But Timmy and I will do our best. Enjoy!

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