Mastering Your Domain

Mondays are for crazy things. This Monday, Jenny and I decided to upgrade this blog from a free WordPress site to a premium account with a dot com domain. This place of worship is now officially

We’ve joined the ranks of Pepsi, Hallmark, and everyone else tearing America apart. We’re far more professional, despite our choice of wearing matching onesies.

The onesies are almost perfect. All we’re missing is the butt flap.

Since starting this blog almost two years ago, a lot has changed in our lives. At the time, we were engaged and living on opposite sides of the world. We had actually only met once in person for a week. This is pretty amazing since we see each other every day now. It’s hard to imagine that this began as a way to cope with a long distance relationship.

I’m not sure where we’ll go with the blog, which I guess is now a website because we paid money for it. That’s not to say everything you pay money for is a website. Your mom isn’t one. She’s just trying to pay off student loans, right? And there are plenty of gentlemen to help her out.

We’ve been making more videos lately, mostly highlighting our honeymoon to Alaska. But Jenny has also been busy doing her best impression of Thelma Schoonmaker (the first person who comes up when you Google “famous film editor”) and also capturing our lives in a more grounded setting: like seeing the first snow of the season.

We hope to make more lovely videos, write more amusing posts, and create some humorous and/or beautiful art for y’all. Personally, I also hope to slip in as much southern vernacular on this here blog for those fixin’ for that kinda hospitality.

Jenny and I will both admit we slumped for a period when it came to updating the blog. Thankfully, even when these two bees aren’t in their blog, they are together in a hive. I think, above all else, it’s what keeps us updating here. We enjoy creating. The best kind is done as a team.

loving couple
Jenny also whips me if I don’t write here regularly. Please send help.

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