More Men Have Walked the Moon Than Filipinos Have Walked a Block

I force Jenny into doing a lot of things. One she is completely not used to at all is walking lots. We don’t have a car so we are pretty much stuck using public transit, walking, or taking hallucinogenic materials whenever we want to go someplace.

As you know, I despise running. Walking is different. It’s leisurely and affordable. Other than the occasional troll toll, walking is the cheapest way to travel.

walking with friends
Unlike Jenny and I, I’m doubtful they’re going to Rite Aid for buy one get one free candy.

Filipinos don’t agree. Walking a single block in the tropics is painful. The blistering heat has created a nation where a rickshaw is necessary to travel a single block. It sounds lazy on the surface, but until you’ve experienced Filipino Heat (probably our future son’s stripper name) you won’t fully comprehend the necessity to relax your legs whilst traveling.

The Philippines is a great place for affordable public transit. A jeepney ride costs a few cents and a taxi can take you practically across a city for only a few dollars.

Recently, I paid over $100 for an Uber ride to take me about six miles. It was a light price to pay for a job interview that I didn’t get. In retrospect, I would’ve been better off donating that money to a scam charity and never having hopes and dreams.

This past weekend, I asked Jenny to name something about me that she didn’t expect before moving in. One, and probably the only I’d be willing to go public with, is that I walk a lot. Although I told her I’d walk a mile every morning to the train station and another once I got off the train, she didn’t comprehend just how tiring it could be. If Vanessa Carlton will walk a thousand miles just to be with someone tonight, one mile can’t be too long.

vanessa carlton thousand miles
Speaking of a thousand miles, who knew Vanessa Carlton had such a long face? She should just ride her brothers and sisters (the horses in the background) if she needs to travel so far.

Our constant walking will change soon. We’re planning to get a car. This will cut down on the foot injuries and make a three hour trip into a much shorter one. As much as I do enjoy going for a stroll, it’s a little tiring to use my legs to walk miles each day. I’d rather use them for kicking people.

Can you blame me? Have you met people?

6 thoughts on “More Men Have Walked the Moon Than Filipinos Have Walked a Block

  1. Again in the 1980s, (hehe) Manila wasn’t as crowded as it is now. People used to walk a lot. My school was about 1 kilometer (0.621 mile, according to Google) away. I’d ride the jeepney in the morning. The fare was between 0.75 to 1.25 pesos back then. Then I’d walk back home for lunch, walk back to school for Chinese classes in the afternoon, then finally walk back home in the early evening.

    If you’ve been to Divisoria, it’s very crowded now but when I was little, I used to walk to my Uncle’s place there without obstruction.

    I think the reason why Manileños now prefer riding rickshaws is due to sidewalk obstruction/bottlenecks. 😦

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  2. The problem in Indonesia, is that we still rarely have a proper sidewalk (or no sidewalk at all). I believe that nowadays many people find walking is much faster especially in Jakarta, where traffic jam is everywhere 🙂


    1. Interesting factoid, Jenny recently got stuck in a non-sidewalk place in the US. It’s an epidemic. When are jetpacks going to become a thing? Indonesian scientists need to get on it.


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