Marriage Makes You Saner, At Least Through the First 8 Months

Jenny and I have been married for over eight months. I think we’ve been each other’s sanity in this half-year-plus. It’s normal for a married couple to normalize each other. This is exactly what we’ve done. Where’s our damn trophy?

That’s not to say a straight jacket is impossible. We’re still a little nutty. We are, however, undoubtedly at least trying to be regular people.

two bees on a train
Normal people who ride the train together and hide in the corner away from everyone else.

For starters, we now have an ironing board and a toaster. These domestic household items are normal people things to have. They outshine my collection of rare candid Ken Griffey Jr. shower pictures. They are a more common electrical device than Jenny’s bris walky-talky; the first walky-talky specifically devoted to Jewish circumcision. Don’t ask me how it works. She won’t let me touch the thing for fear of what it may do.

A few months ago we even bought a couch. In the three years I lived in my apartment, my living room was standing room only. This would have remained the case until marriage.

Although we’re sane at the moment, I do know many marriages fail. Is it because they lack normalcy or does that trying to be like everyone else drive them mad instead?

I’m no marriage expert. I’ll leave that job title to lesbians in theirs 70s. But what I can say is marriage helps provide a little extra motivation in life. Without my wife, I’m not sure how I’d make it each day or why I’d even bother.

dunkin donuts
Other than trips to Dunkin Donuts…

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