Jim and Pam from The Office are Horrible People and Suck at LDRs

Jenny and I are watching The Office a lot together. Neither of us had seen it before so we figured why not experience something new? Rather than do a kind deed for a stranger, we decided to binge watch a show on Netflix was a whole lot easier (and more rewarding!).

The show is actually funnier than I thought. The Dwight character isn’t lame like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. The Steve Carell man also plays his role well. There are some funny side characters, but the two I cannot stand are Jim and Pam.

jim and pam the office
You don’t have to watch a single episode of The Office to know these people deserve to die alone.

I know for a fact many people hate these two. Years ago, before I even knew about The Office or what an office was (I always thought people were mispronouncing orifice and questioned why my dad worked in an anus) I knew the names Jim and Pam. I also knew what to look out for because I only knew that they had a very annoying relationship.

At first, Jim and Pam were tolerable. They had their funny moments, particularly Jim. Eventually, I think it was when they were finally together, they became the worst thing in the world and that includes malaria, small pox, and overweight Republicans standing next to you on the train.

Pam became very bossy once they made it official. Plus, she looks like a generally mean person. Jim was more smug and a lot of the humor he gave the show disappeared. I’m also convinced, without even watching it, that Josh Krasinski (the Polish actor who plays Jim) is simply copying the original character, Tim, from the British version. That character was played by the far more famous Martin Freeman whose facial expressions on Sherlock and everything else are pretty consistent. Krasinski mimics these and it’s quite annoying.

jim halpert
This face is what flamethrowers were invented for.
tim canterbury
The look when you know your entire career is based on copying another character yours was based on, but they only changed the first letter of your name and hoped nobody in America would ever compare the two programs.

The worst part of all about Jim and Pam is when they were in a long distance relationship. You know, when two lovers are so far apart they can never touch, see, or hear each other. Jenny and I endured one for years from opposite sides of the planet. Jim and Pam suffered for three months while he was in Scranton and she was in New York City.

To get from where I live to Jenny in the Philippines, it took more than 24 hours. The plane rides alone clocked in at nearly a full day. To drive from Scranton to New York City, the drive takes a little over two hours. According to Google, you could walk it in 40 hours. You’d probably want to shoot yourself after, but don’t you already wanna?

It pissed us off to no end to see Jim and Pam whine about their long distance relationship. It takes me almost as long to commute to work each day. What’s their big fucking problem?

tim and jenny
Jim and Pam? Pfft. I prefer Tim and….mammogram one day needer? You wouldn’t believe how few rhymes there are for Pam that describe Jenny.

In short, Jim and Pam are the opposite of Jenny and I. We don’t whine or complain about being half-a-world-away from each other. We endure it because that’s what you do when you’re in love. You don’t make excuses and talk to some fat guy at Pratt Institute or do whatever boring prank Jim did to Dwight. You make the relationship last.

Or, you know, each of you drives an hour and you meet halfway in North Jersey. It’s not that far. Get over yourselves TV characters who haven’t been on TV for years and actors who haven’t been in anything good for just as long.

4 thoughts on “Jim and Pam from The Office are Horrible People and Suck at LDRs

  1. Ahhhhhh I totally hated these two. They annoyed the shit out of me and I only tolerated the show for dwight and Steve carrell. I kinda preferred the ginger lass (grrr forgot her name) she was a tad weird and reminded me of myself. But yeah those two bleughhh!!!!!


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