Hair Crisis + First Popeyes Experience

Every woman has a love/hate relationship with her hair. It couldn’t just be me!!! See, every couple of months or so I get really bored with my hair. That means, every couple of months or so I am at really high risk of making bad impulsive decisions. Like, I don’t know, giving myself bangs with blunt kitchen scissors?

It’s not a question of if but when. And it already happened a couple of days ago.

For a more in-depth view of my “banged” look–plus an exclusive footage and commentary of our fine dining at Popeyes–here’s a YouTube video that we put together. As always, watch at your own risk. We cannot guarantee you won’t be infected with the wretched lives that you’re about to see.

P.S. Popeyes biscuits are the best! Try it if you can!

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