I’m Not A Serial Killer Review: Christopher Lloyd is Back and Really Old

Looking for something unexpectedly solid on Netflix? One movie worth checking out is I’m Not A Serial Killer. It’s based on a book series so you know it’s good.

fifty shades darker
Shit. I take it back. Some books are terrible with equally as bad movies.

The film is about a creepy teenager who has a fascination with death. And yes, I’m fully aware how this narrows it down to half of all teenagers.

When dead bodies begin to pile up in his small town, the teenager played by some guy sets out to investigate. The killer ends up being someone unexpected. Without giving away the details, I’ll just say this film quickly goes from a simple indie to something closer to horror/science fiction.

There are a few recognizable faces in it. One belongs to Christopher Lloyd. He plays an old guy with knee and neck problems. Basically, it’s like Lloyd is playing an older version of me.

i'm not a serial killer
The amazing thing about Christopher Lloyd is that he was already old before I was even born.

When Jenny and I watched this we really had no idea what to expect. Teenagers had turned us off after two episodes of 13 Reasons Why. So, for this film starring a teenager to turn out so well, surprised us in a very pleasant way.

Like most antisocial spouses, Jenny and I spend a lot of time searching through Netflix and Amazon Prime for something to watch. Sometimes we land on duds. Other times we find a rare gem that sticks with us for the next 30 minutes as we re-read about it on Wikipedia. I’m Not A Serial Killer was the latter and we highly recommend it for anyone looking for an excuse to avoid doing anything other than staring at a screen.

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