First Circus Experience (Ringling Brothers)

Timmy’s Christmas present for me last year was a ticket to my first ever circus experience (he’s amazing like that). The event happened on the second weekend of this month and of course I just posted this now because “see previous post” .

Some people would hate on this due to controversies of animal cruelty surrounding circuses in general. If you’re one of these people, you probably shouldn’t watch this–it’d most likely just trigger you.

Because Timmy and I definitely enjoyed the whole experience.

I think, and hey I’m no expert here, the animal members of the Ringling Brothers circus weren’t abused at all. Of course you might think differently. Feel free to broadcast your opinions. Again though if this is you, you probably shouldn’t watch this video where two “adults” admire with awe and wonder the feats showcased in “The Greatest Show on Earth!”

Otherwise, enjoy!


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