Fall is FreezingAF for Someone from the Tropics

I still haven’t gotten used to the cold autumn weather. Everyday is just freaking cold to me, no matter what time of the day. When I arrived here at almost midnight on halloween, Timmy said it’s actually nice out for him. I, however, just gave him the “LIKE WHUUUT?!” face.

The “LIKE WHUUUT?!” face. Timmy is obsessing over it lately…(image source)

Growing up in a house without air conditioning, I’m more used and comfortable with tropical weather where it’s sunny and it only gets cold on the wee hours of the morning or when it’s raining. So when I got out and stepped outside for the first time, away from the comfortable temperature of the airport, I was so surprised. WTF, it feels like the air conditioning is turned on to maximum level right there! And that’s no AC’s fault–just your regular, American Northeast weather at this time of the year.

Even when we got inside his comfortably heated apartment, I was still in awe of how cold it really gets outside. I thought it’d be warmer in the morning (since I arrived at around 11 p.m.), but oh no, it’s still the same cold, chilly AC weather out. And so of course, our first activity on my first day in the US (aside from catching up with snuggling time with my bee) was to go and buy me a coat. I’ve never owned a coat my entire life so that was actually exciting :3 Timmy even made fun of me when I tried on a jacket for kids–how was I supposed to know that? They looked like regular Asian female adult size to me! By regular, I mean I’m used to seeing sizes in Philippine stores that are really built for petite Asians (which I’m not). I actually prefer the sizing here since I know there’s definitely gonna be a fit for my body, but hey, I’m not gonna write a beauty/fashion blog post here…well, not yet. :3

It isn’t very obvious we’re soaking wet and chilling here, is it? :3

Timmy felt bad for me because it’s just about to get worse. Winter is coming (and I could only hope with it comes season 7 of GoT, ha!) and it’s going to get way colder, like actually below freezing point. My nearest experience to that is putting my hands inside the freezer. Right now, I could only imagine (and DREAD) how cold this winter is going to be for me.

But then again, I’d live in fucking Antarctica if that means I’m going to be with Timmy Bee (but bee, please, let’s try NEVER to go there…)

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