Engaged One Year

A year has passed. A whole year since I got down on one knee in front of all those people, released those doves, and presented Jenny with a $40,000 ring has gone by. Except that’s not how it happened at all.

Like most of what we do, my proposal was modest. We were in private too which is great just in case she did say no. She didn’t. Although the “fuck you, of course I will” doesn’t look romantic on paper it was the perfect answer. Who ever said Jenny wasn’t original?

My proposal to Jenny remains a special moment in life. It may have been the biggest decision up until lunch that day.

This isn't right after our engagement, but it is at the same restaurant: Kenny Rogers Roasters. We're so romantic.
This isn’t right after our engagement, but it is at the same restaurant: Kenny Rogers Roasters. We’re so romantic.

For the last 366 days (leap year, bitches) Jenny and I have been engaged. I wish I could say we fully enjoyed it. Being apart stole some of the romance away. At the same time, the distance proved if we could last through that, an eternity together should be a piece of cake; or 8 pieces because, well, you know…

"Somebody is an uncomfortable proper bee." - Jenny Bee
“Somebody is an uncomfortable proper bee.” – Jenny Bee

The strangest thing about my engagement to Jenny is at no point did I second guess the decision. It was right. Everything about it. We were nearing our two year anniversary when it clicked in my head that I must spend my life with her. This led to me buying a ring, booking a trip, and giving her my love forever. In return, I get it all back.

Much like the ice cream she ate this weekend, we have had our rocky roads. However, like my ice cream choice there are two containers; each representing one of us. And before you judge me for eating 8 servings of ice cream, this weekend was my birthday. I’m 29 now and about to get married. I have a free pass to live shamefully. The point is, we’re a pair. We’re a package deal. Order Timmy and you get a side of Jenny.

I’m not a huge fan of calling Jenny my fiancée because she has always been so much more. She is my best friend and my partner. Most of all, she is the one person who will leave a little extra on her plate to let me finish. Even fairytales don’t have a woman like this.

The best thing of all from this engagement is it’s almost over. Soon we’ll bee married. We’ll have our own beehive.

Why would you say no to happiness?

Or to being weird with somebody you love?
Or to being weird with somebody you love?

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