C-Words: Cake Icing, Cheetos, and Coffee

One of the last meals Jenny and I shared together in-person (last weekend we shared a meal via Skype; she had oatmeal while I ate steak and potatoes due to the time difference–let’s not count this one though) took place in her hometown at the hotel we stayed at. Maybe it was the second-to-last night together. Either way, it was a great meal with three C-words present.

For this meal we had cake icing, Cheetos, and coffee. Is there anything better on the planet than these three food groups? Sweet, salty, and sustainability.

cookie dough
I recently asked Jenny her thoughts on eating raw cookie dough. It nearly ruined our relationship. Raw cookie dough was my lifeblood growing up.

I primarily ate the cake icing while Jenny put her focus on the Cheetos. I have a much bigger sweet tooth than she does and can live without salty foods. As for the coffee, we both had our own personal cold caffeinated beverages purchased from the local corner store. I’m pretty sure in the three nights we spent at that hotel we visited the corner store about 10 times for snacks. I don’t regret it. We helped put the store owners’ kids through college.

During our beecations Jenny and I had a lot of strange meals like this. None compare to this. The cake icing was mostly pulled from the saran wrap our cake was wrapped in. Like an animal, I picked through as Jenny offered me Cheetos to go with it. This was one of the best meals we had because of how selfless it was. She didn’t care to see me lick paper to get more sugar onto my tongue. I had no issues with her sucking the dried cheese from her fingertips. And the coffee breath from my mouth only complimented what she had on hers.

October is a month when I am trying to diet. No, really. I swear! This time I have to do it. In those trying times when I really want to breakdown and shove every piece of food I can find into my mouth I’ll remember this meal and how perfectly imperfect it was.

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