Swiss Army Man is the Perfect Bee Movie

Last beekend Jenny was forced into spending more time with me than usual as I welcomed another year of feeling like a loser. Yep, it was my birthday.

Like we usually do on most Saturday nights/her Sunday mornings, we watched a movie. When you’re in a long distance relationship lots of experiences are difficult to share. Watching movies together has been our way of connecting. Our other, eating ice cream on Skype. We waited until Sunday to do that.

On Saturday night we watched Swiss Army Man. It was a strange movie that I really wanted to see. Knowing we’d only have a few movie dates left in us before we’d have them in person, plus it was my birthday weekend, I suggested we watch Daniel Radcliffe throw away his innocence as a dead, farting corpse.

This is actually the third Daniel Radcliffe movie we've watched together in the last 6 months...
This is actually the third Daniel Radcliffe movie we’ve watched together in the last 6 months…

Swiss Army Man delivered in every way possible. Rarely will I see a movie that makes me feel the levels of emotion this one did. I laughed, I wanted to cry, and I questioned a lot about my place in this world after.

The premise is a man is on a deserted (oh that sound yummy) island ready to kill himself when he sees a dead body wash up on the beach. After some investigating and a whole lot of farts, he rides the dead body (played by Harry Potter) into the ocean, propelled by the flatulents. He eventually crashes then wakes up on a much larger island where living might be possible. Soon after this dead body becomes more than a corpse as it begins to talk and teach the man how ridiculous many of our own thoughts and insecurities are. For instance, farting is natural.

It’s a pretty deep movie, really. There’s a message about life, love, and happiness with lots of farts and poop jokes thrown in. It’s incredibly crude at times with Radcliffe’s erection guiding them by pointing the way to their next adventure. The humor was perfect for Two Bees.

If I wasn't so cheap I think I'd buy this movie.
If I wasn’t so cheap I think I’d buy this movie.

Without spoiling the film, there is a lot to take away from whatever message it is you get after watching. The cinematography alone is beautiful too which helps to make it more pleasing to the eye. One of the most important messages I got from it was to love yourself. This is taught in the film from Radcliffe’s innocence after coming back to life and how the other character played by Paul Dano passes his own insecurities on him. Eventually, he does learn that social norms aren’t always the way to go and we shouldn’t be so scared. Dano’s character spent a lot of his life being afraid of his parents, afraid of taking chances with love, and just being himself. Because of this he is unhappy and now best friends with a dead person.

I really have nothing negative to say about this movie other than I wish it was a television show. It reminded me of Wilfred in many ways if you’ve ever seen that. You’ll question Dano’s sanity throughout and think you know how it ends. Like life, you’ll be surprised.

2 thoughts on “Swiss Army Man is the Perfect Bee Movie

  1. This was actually a movie I really wanted to watch. I’m glad it lives up to the hype. Fun fact, the directors are two guys who call themselves “The Daniels” and they also did the Turn Down for What music video.

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