Togetherness Matters Most in a Long Distance Relationship

The long distance part of the relationship Jenny and I have is coming to an end. Soon…ohhhh soon…it just becomes a relationship. Like pee and poop, we will be together much more often.

The distance part, the hard one that allowed us to make excuses, is coming to its completion.

Not complete: a lot of paperwork. You see, Jenny can’t just come here and stay. One immigrant ruined it for the rest of the class long ago so there’s a ton more we need to do.

The important thing I’m realizing as D-Day approaches (D stands for Donut because I will greet her with one at the airport) is how important togetherness is. Togetherness is everything when you’re in a long distance relationship. We have been “together” for over 3 years now, but actually being with one another equals three weeks, never more than two at a time.

Cube in Cebu
“Can we please take the picture with the blazing sun shining directly onto the camera to make me look less pale?” – me

Much of the last few days have been spent learning more about the next steps Jenny and I have to make. There’s a whole wedding to plan. And think of all the food we’ll need to cater there. The incredible vows we need to write. And the worst part is getting married isn’t just this. It’s a civil union-thingy which looks as government-ish as you think. We need to apply for a marriage license, actually get married, and then start filling out more paperwork after she has a social security number. In order to fill out a lot of that paperwork we need to sign other things too.

Thinking about all of the steps it takes, and the paperwork we’ve filled out, is overwhelming. Then I remember, the government has huge filing cabinets and folders where they keep all of this and we’re just giving an intern at their offices more things to do.

The K1 Visa process is certainly complicated. But the heartache of it all, being apart, that is about to end. Jenny and I will bee together soon. It’s the first step toward a full life together which most assuredly won’t end after falling off a tall building in the Philippines…

Seriously bee, write about Edge Coaster!

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