Making Expenses Sound Romantic

One thing most people don’t realize about the entire Visa process is it costs money. Lots of it. When it’s all said and done the amount Jenny and I will have spent to be together could have dug both of our nations out of debt. Instead we’ll be selfish and watch the whole world burn just to be together. Soon people. Three years apart is far too long.

Even just beyond the direct costs of paying for a Visa, there are other payments associated. There’s the price for mailing out the papers she will need for the interview. To have them couriered aka within a reasonable amount of time it will cost more than I have spent on charity my entire life. Then there are the hotel rooms and flights we’ve booked. There are also those exotic foods Jenny will see during any of the travels she needs to make for the interview that she JUST HAS TO TRY. Let’s also not forget the copious amounts of snacks I’ll stressfully eat over the next few weeks waiting for the results of the interview which I’ll immediately regret after.

Jenny and I are both very cheap, but there’s no price you can put on love.

There's no price you can put on making a girl look this happy on her birthday (actually, I think it was about a $40 night if we want to include cab fare)
There’s no price you can put on making a girl look this happy on her birthday (actually, I think it was about a $40 night if we want to include cab fare)

What I actually like about the expenses of this process is that whenever I have a bill to pay I go to my Paypal which is only money I’ve made by writing. This is perfect because it is what originally brought Jenny and I together in the first place.

Although it’s writing about baseball, a topic as familiar to Jenny as hair bonding is to me, where I have finally been able to earn some cash from there’s something romantic about using those invisible funds to bring my fiancée to me. Creating is one of the most important things to both of us and if the more we do it eases the process of getting to spend the rest of our lives together, then at the very least I can find some further purpose to it.

So maybe spending money isn’t the most romantic thing in the world. Shelling out dollars to the government is rarely a fun activity. Nevertheless I still like the connection that writing has literally earned us a life together. Now it’s up to us to not fight about money (like everyone) to keep it.

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