Love is Patient…Until it’s Not

Loving someone from half a world away is painful at times. True, I wouldn’t change a thing on how my relationship with Timmy evolved. I believe that falling in love with someone living more than 8000 miles away has been a blessing in disguise. We appreciate every second we get to spend with each other, never taking the other for granted. We don’t really fight (the few times we almost did were avoided because Timmy is not as crazy/irrational as I can be), even when we were with each other 24/7 for two weeks last April. We talk every chance we get–most days, I talk with him as he wakes up and I also get to “tuck him in” at night (his night). Why, we probably talk more than couples actually living together!

But after actually being together in flesh after two years of PURELY long distance relationship, after experiencing each other fully at every level, we have grown impatient. We had a “beecation” again six months after the first.

Now after almost 3 months from saying tearful goodbyes at the airport, this fucking distance is getting unbearable again.

We just want to be together already. It doesn’t feel right anymore being apart after we have experienced how it is like being with each other. True,we’d be together as husband and wife three months at the most from now (hopefully), but even knowing we have that bright future ahead of us never makes waiting any easier.

We try to be positive for each other. When Timmy is feeling blue, I try to cheer him up but I know I’m not doing a very good job. How could I when I am feeling the same? We still manage to joke though, at other people’s expense, of course. Believe me, it’s hard for you not to hate us once you manage to hack onto our FB chatbox. Even more so when you’ve had the chance to see us while we were together last beecation. Nobody was spared. Ugh, I’ll stop talking about that now in case I do any real damage (i.e. HEAVY feelings) to people we actually know who might read this blog. Like you, for example…

Timmy, I wish this was a happier blog post. But I am feeling particularly “dor” now. You will forgive me because you understand. You do, right? I mean, know what I’m talking about when I say dor?

Not this!!!
This. :3

It doesn’t help that I’m PMS-ing either. At times like this, it’s either 1.) I piggy to feel better or 2.) Request a Skype session with Timmy or 3.) Write a bee blog post. Since I can’t do the second one, I managed to do the first and third one (even if I’d probably regret the first one in a couple of hours).

The only consolation to all this waiting is that every second that passes brings us closer to each other. And once we are, we will never have to say goodbye again.

Unless we decide to divorce like our parents did, but it’s more likely we’re going to kill ourselves from overeating than that.

Ugh, I sound so gloomy it’s funny.

*insert silly laugh*

Bee, I love you. I am coming to you. Just hold on a little longer. Soon you will be able to see my face in 4D and you’d get to grant my every request again, such as this:

“KISS ME!!!”




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