Kilig In The Name Of

I don’t have much to say here. I just thought the title was great. It’s a play on the song Killing in the Name by beloved soft folk artists Rage Against the Machine. Except, as you can see, I’m missing a few letters. I also apparently am not intimidated at all by Rage’s anti-everything take on life.

Remove the second L (definitely not the first) and the N from the word Killing and you get Kilig. This is the word in Visayan or Tagalog for that giddy feeling you get when you’re super in love with someone. Like this moment:

You think we look in love now? You should have seen us when we went out to eat at a place with unlimited rice.
You think we look in love now? You should have seen us when we went out to eat at a place with unlimited rice shortly after.

Jenny does make me very kilig. She gives me butterflies or as we call it, pteros as in pterodactyls which you should know I completely just spelled correctly on the first try. You want to know the impact of Jurassic Park? It’s this blog post right here.

I will say however that yesterday we did get a little more good news on our journey toward being together. The Embassy in Manila received our case. This means soon they’ll contact Jenny directly and I’ll also get a letter in the mail which I’ll probably end up killing a caterpillar with (hopefully not).

Jenny’s interview is actually a month away now. We really don’t have much else we have to prepare either before then other than some light paperwork. I also have to drill into her head my mother’s maiden name, my zip code, and my least favorite member of the Three Stooges (fuck you, Larry) along with other relevant information. I know she’ll do well at the interview anyway so we’re really just polishing our relationship over the next few weeks as we gather the rest of the papers she’ll need.

Thursday nights are typically the ones where I miss Jenny most I’ve noticed. This week in particular has been one of longing. Even my food choices seem to be in honor of her. I’ve eaten so many forms of tuna for the lone reason it reminds me of her. I’m also listening to the soundtrack of August Rush which she played on my first day in the Philippines during our last beecation as I recovered from barfing all night at this very moment. The music takes me back to those early moments of spending two weeks together nonstop.

In the meantime as we wait for time to speed up, we’ll do our best not to get addicted to crack. This waiting really gives me some insight into why people get hooked on hard drugs. For me, I’ll just settle with overeating and drinking unholy amounts of soda, going the Diet Coke route instead of the Cocaine one because my generation is a weak one.

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