People I Hate

This isn’t going to turn into one of those typical rants you’ll read online or a list of all of the people in the world who deserve to walk out of a window. I’m going to keep it a lot simpler than that.

There are plenty of people to hate. The ones I hate the most, today, are those who do not appreciate being with those they love.

When my mom died a few years ago I first understood the appreciation of being with people you love and care about. More so, I realized how little many appreciate having those people in their lives readily available. People who complain about their parents really don’t understand what it’s like to never have the opportunity to see them again. It’s more of a teenager act anyway and they’re usually wrong about everything. Do you know how many Teen Choice Awards Justin Bieber has won? If the answer is a crooked number then already the teens have lost.

How is this thing still popular?
How is this thing still popular?

The same is somewhat true with Jenny and I. We’ve now been apart for two months and it’s really painful. It’s a more unique relationship we have being on opposite sides of the world and I like to think we manage well. Two months apart and missing each other, I’m amazed we went so long before actually meeting in person. How did we have a relationship for two years without ever being in the same room?

After we finally did meet up it became much more difficult to be apart. It’s strange, really. The longing to be together grew 1000x after last October when I finally did discover Jenny didn’t have crusty elbows. She, finally realizing I occasionally have a nose hair pop out, felt the same way too.

As we wait for the next step in our process of being together, we’ll remain full of hate towards those who ignore what they have right in front of them.

Something to lighten the mood; and my heterosexuality.
Something to lighten the mood; and my heterosexuality.

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