Wish Granting

For Christmas I sent Jenny a letter with 12 different folded pieces of paper inside. Each paper was marked with a different month. She’s allowed to open them when the corresponding month begins. When I visited in April she opened that month’s then. After three month of her gift being books, April’s was a visit from me. You can’t imagine the disappointment joy on her face.

I think it looked something like this.
I think it looked something like this.

For June, Jenny’s gift was granting her one wish. It had to be something reasonable too. I know what her real wish would be. She’d want a rich husband. Well, she ain’t getting that anytime soon unless Bill Gates decides to admire her as much as I do. And that will be what this blog post is about.

Jenny’s real wish was for me to make a Bee Blog post that is also a love letter. We actually do write each other real love letters every so often like we’re Civil War veterans. I guess I’m the veteran and she’s the woman at home basking in the sun reading the latest Abraham Lincoln gossip on our porch. For some reason in my fantasy I’m fighting for the South, apparently.

It’s easy to write a love letter to Jenny because I admire her lots. Where would I even start? She’s an amazing artist for one:

This is some Jenny art. In practically no time she managed to turn a shitty encounter with another human being into a hilarious cartoon.
This is some Jenny art. In practically no time she managed to turn a shitty encounter with another human being into a hilarious cartoon.

Jenny can also sing like nobody I have ever met before. She sings with such beauty. When I was at her home in April and the videoke machine came out I saw how passionate she was about her diaphragm. And no, this isn’t the setup to a joke about safe sex because for the life of me I can’t think of how to properly word it. I just want everyone to know my future wife can belt out tunes better than most people.

But let me get serious for a moment. This is supposed to be a serious post, after all. This is a love letter for the one woman who has made me do things nobody else could. She had me travel across the world TWICE within six months just to be with her. She didn’t demand it either. It was something my heart told me to do. She had me spend $!!!! dollars on an engagement ring because damn it if there’s one thing I’m sure of in life it’s that I want to spend it with her. She’s also so wonderful that when she finds out the four exclamation marks I added in for the digits of what I spent on the ring is less than I actually did spend, she won’t feel less loved.

Jenny is a lot to me. She’s more than my fiancée, girlfriend, or life partner. She’s also my best friend. It still amazes me how our senses of humor can mesh so well. She, like the members of Men At Work, come from a Land Down Under. And if Jenny was in her 40s, she’d totally appreciate that joke.

The fact that we can come from different parts of the world yet still appreciate simple joys says something about how interconnected we are. Recently, I was thinking out loud “You are my best friend Jenny.” Lo and behold, I received a Facebook message from her a second later saying the same thing to me. Although we’ve said it to each other plenty of times, the timing was eerily romantic.

Without a doubt, Jenny is the one person I feel appreciates me. Even though she doesn’t understand half of the things I write about when the topic is sports, she understands how important it is in my life. She also knows how important she is in my life and I don’t regret for a second her knowing this.

Soon we’ll be together finally. It will probably come slightly after a long distance relationship of 3 years filled with growth, joy, and love. It’s amazing to us both how we waited so long to finally actually meet up. Scheduling conflicts with our “real lives” did make it difficult, but ever since we were able to finally touch each other in person, real life never does get in the way. Now, we are each other’s real life and everything else is just extra trash.

Once we are together things will be good. We’ll have ups and downs, I’m sure, just like everybody. But we’ll be together and a lifetime of being apart only to finally connect with other on a daily basis…there’s no words to describe the feeling of knowing it’s right around the corner.

Whenever you are sad, lonely, or missing me Jenny remember how much I love and admire you for everything you are, were, and will be. And if you still feel lousy, think of this face:


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