Love is Hiding Together from the Rest of the World

I miss Timmy all the time. Sometimes even when we’re chatting on Facebook. The longing to be with, to touch your sweetheart gets stronger everyday. It’s like poop that is continually building, growing in size that you are just not able to expel. (Not sorry for the poop joke. It’ll always be present in this blog/relationship anyway. #sadfact)

One of our most favorite things to do when we are actually together–aside from eating–is hibernation.

What is hibernation you ask? It is what bees do best. To give you a better picture, here is an illustration I did at work (yes, my employers are not getting their money’s worth with how I spend my time):


It is very possible that Timmy and I will be able to hibernate again this year. When we do, this blog will be filled with real pictures instead of illegal sketches. Prepare to be grossed out.

2 thoughts on “Love is Hiding Together from the Rest of the World

    1. Oh that is a good one!

      Unfortunately, Timmy and I don’t make as much fart jokes. We compensate by doing lots of the real thing though. Relationship goals, right?

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