Lechon a.k.a. Roasted Pig/King of all Filipino Foods

You’re not a real Filipino if you don’t recognize what a lechon is. Even those who don’t eat it because of religious beliefs know how popular it is in the Philippines. For every celebration–birthdays, weddings, fiestas, Christmas, you name it–the most sought-after dish and always the centerpiece if you’re able to have it, is the lechon.

That means, Timmy’s visit isn’t complete without tasting a roasted pig.

I think I am as excited as Timmy here. You can’t blame me!
Before and After pics. Don’t be fooled though, if you think we’re finished with that poor old pig in the After pic, you’re wrong. Oh we could still do a whole lot of dishes for two big families with just that. We even make use of the pig’s blood to make “Dinuguan”–an incredibly delicious dish. No kidding!

Timmy’s favorite part, just like everyone else, is the skin. Oooh really, it is sooooo good. Especially when it’s really crispy and crunchy, oh man really. Even non-Filipinos adore it. Timmy said it’s like nothing he’d ever tasted before (Which isn’t really automatically positive, if you think about it…but you meant it in a positive way, right, Timmy?)


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