Basic Rules for Running a Social Media Page

I’m responsible for running the social media pages on the sports blog I write for. If you’ve ever been on social media, you’re well aware of how savage people are behind a keyboard.

Until this experience, I never blocked people online. I would usually fight back. However, as I’m representing more than myself, I’m not allowed to get into petty arguments with tweeters.

I do block people now. I have a few rules for when enough is enough. Not all result in a block, though. There are a few different stages of my social media hell I will put you in.

7 layer cake
There are 9 circles of hell and 7 layers in this cake. Ingredients for treachery and fraud are not FDA approved. (Photo Courtesy of

I Will Block You for Constant Negative Feedback

I can deal with negativity. Have you heard my pediatrician talk to me? Everything he said was about my weight or how I’d never live to see 40 if I kept eating at the rate I did.

I’m fine with negativity online if it’s not constant. Honest critiques are fine. It’s those people on Twitter who always have something nasty to say that rub me the wrong way.

Sports is a lot like politics and everyone thinks they know better than you do. I had to block some douchey-looking guy for always having something bad to say. He’s wearing a suit in his Twitter avatar and by himself. Hopefully, this is a preview of his upcoming funeral.

funeral preparation
Imagine being a tailor and realizing all of the suits you make will just go in the ground. The dead should be buried naked. (Photo Courtesy of

Constant Bad Points Will Be Ignored

I love reading other people’s thoughts on Twitter because it’s limited to only 280 characters. Unfortunately, some followers will constantly put up with some really bad thoughts.

I won’t block these people because they’re loyal readers. Instead, I just ignore them–for the most part.

There’s something about ignoring a person that gives you even more power than blocking them. It’s the same way we let people we feel sorry for get away with things.

You think they let me going into work in Daisy Dukes because they like my legs? Nope. They just know it’s all I have going on in my life.

daisy duck
Move over sexy Daisy Duke outfit and say hello to boner-inducing Daisy Duck ones. (Photo Courtesy of

Hold Grudges Forever

There’s a “rival site” of the one I write for that months ago had several members of it write negative things about mine.


It was completely unprovoked and they weren’t even right about it. It has happened more than once. As a result, I purposefully never share anything written by anyone from their site.

Over the years while writing about sports, I’ve found many people are quite supportive. Not the people at this site. They can take a hockey puck to the chin for all I care.

the grudge
Hold onto your grudges no matter how scary the nightmares are. (Photo Courtesy of

Ignore the Hate

It took a while before I managed to gain a more favorable following on the social media pages. When I first began with this website, one of the first things I wrote was hated on so hard by the fans. The same thing happened shortly after with yet another thing I wrote.

I was correct about both points I made and really wish I could gloat about it to each of their faces every morning. I won’t, though, because I’ve learned to ignore the hate.

The internet is such a horrible place and everyone is at their meanest and nastiest on it. It took me a while, but I’ve learned to move on quickly from all of the bad things people say. When I do response, they get a snarky GIF tossed at them. It’s not as rewarding as locking them in a room full of farts. It’ll have to do for now.

This networking event looks like it needs a professional cropduster to part their Red Sea of nonsense. (Photo Courtesy of

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