Your Political Opinions Have Worn Me Down

Lately, I’ve been a little disconnected with the world. Other than my darling wife Jenny Bee, I don’t interact much with anyone on a real one-on-one basis.

Sure, there’s the guy I get my gas from every two weeks. There’s also the neighbors I consistently curse at when they take too long walking up the stairs to the apartment. I hate them and their heavy children so much.

None of those moments are true ones like the ones I have with Jenny.

Why is it that I’m so distant from the rest of society lately?

There are a few reasons for it. The main one is because your political opinions have worn me down.

politics facebook
There’s more to life than arguing about people who don’t care about you. (Photo Courtesy of

I spend a lot of time on the Internet. It’s an ungodly amount of hours. I could have learned to ride a bike or invented a disease during this time then charged millions for the cure. My time isn’t completely wasted. After all, you get hours of enjoyment from reading this blog.

It’s the nonsense on the Internet that has me staying away from society more and more. I barely scroll through Facebook. The only time I stop is to enjoy someone else’s misery. Yes, this sounds pitiful and awful. And yes, I am.

Since April, a lot has changed for me personally. We haven’t really written about it yet, but Jenny and I began intermittent fasting. This is where you’ll eat for 8 hours of the day and fast for the other 16. We’re not just gorging on whatever we can either. We have a plan for the day in advance with regular leniency. Already, I can tell I’ve dropped a good amount of weight. I’m not too focused on the number because I’m spiteful toward every math teacher I’ve had. Counting is hard, too.

intermittent fasting
None of this makes sense to me either. However, I still think it’s better if I skip eating non-stop from 10pm-12am every night. (Photo Courtesy of

There are other changes over the last few weeks which have me less interested in reading about people’s political complaints. I’m now writing a lot more for another website, which thus far has been incredibly rewarding and fun. Focusing on this allows me to cut out more of the horse hockey in life. Specifically, it’s the political banter I’m cutting out most.

A part of me would love to live in a little bubble. I know I could do it. In a past life, I swear I was one of Herman’s Hermits. Not an actual band member, but an actual hermit that influenced the name.

In general, I’ve been much happier over the last few months. After a rough few late last year where I questioned a lot, I finally feel back on track again. I have your awful opinions to thank for it.

3 thoughts on “Your Political Opinions Have Worn Me Down

  1. I like to be distant from the society too, sometimes. Because, quoting my favorite TV Show ‘Person of Interest’: not everyone is social butterfly….. human interaction is difficult.

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      1. I live in Indonesia where it is said to have a thousand islands. But only the big ones have internet connection, so I guess I’ll just trying to survive living among other human being. At least for now 🙂

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