The Book of Mormon (Our First Broadway Show Ever)

One of Timmy’s gifts for me last Christmas was a ticket to a Broadway show. Fortunately (not that I’m doubting his artistic sensibilities), he picked out the best show there was–tell me, what could be better than a hilarious, vulgar and brutally unfiltered show that happened to have brilliant acting & fantastic song and dance numbers?

I’m obviously talking about The Book of Mormon. Yes, Timmybee is awesome.

*Insert stereotypical theater shot* Seriously, this casting is just so freaking perfect. (Image from

The musical’s plot revolves around two young Mormon missionaries and everything that could possibly go wrong with their mission in Africa. It’s a story we’re all, unfortunately, too familiar with — of having things NOT going your way, being thrust in a difficult and unfamiliar territory, and learning life lessons the hard way.

But oh boy, did they make it so damn fucking funny.

the book of mormon musical eugene o'neill theatre theater

Pics or it didn’t happen.

the book of mormon eugene o'neill theatre theater musical audience little seats

I know I’ll have a lifetime love for the performing arts. Back when I was still in high school, I’ve always participated in theatrical productions whenever I could. Those experiences have given me a deep sense of appreciation and respect for the craft and for all the people– actors, directors, stage hands, makeup artists, costume designers, etc.–everyone that’s involved in making a production possible. It takes a lot of dedication and passion to produce a show as entertaining an fantastic as The Book of Mormon. I am full of gratitude that I get to enjoy it and share the experience with Timmy.

Even if I didn’t have that background, I’m pretty sure I would have still laughed myself silly and enjoyed the show like every person in the audience.

Never have I seen Timmy laugh out loud, shaking with glee at times, that much in any show ever before The Book of Mormon (well, maybe there’s that incredibly funny YouTube video as an exception…). Never have I seen a more loudly mirthful audience in any show in my life. It was hilarious–both the show, and the audience’s reaction–and I mean that in a good way.

And the actors? Freaking P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Those people are the real deal, man. Act-sing-dance power combos, each of them. And they’re marvelous at it. Just freaking fantastic. I am beyond impressed. Until now that feeling lingers. That’s how you know you’ve witnessed something extraordinary.

Have I said it’s the best show I’ve ever seen yet? No?! Well it sure damn is!

It’s hilarious. Fantastic. Awesome. Brilliant. Why do you think IT WON 9 TONY AWARDS, including the Best Musical for 2017?

If there’s only one show I could purchase, this would definitely be it.

If you have the opportunity to watch the show live, I’m absolutely confident you’ll never regret it. It’s one for the books, I’m telling you. Maybe even consider watching it in DVD or something (I’m not sure if they’re releasing it in DVD yet, but if they do, I’m definitely gonna get us a copy).

It was one of the most wonderful Christmas gifts that this Jenny ever received. Thank you, Timmy. Next Christmas, I promise to give you a three-foot Fast Break and a couple dozen donuts.


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